Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 3 - Warriors vs Raiders

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satae and/or passi and/or vete in for papalli if injured and lisone just because

we need to combat the massive green pack with one of our own

whats up with cook coming on for the last 7 minutes and luke is still on

i dont see the point in having 4 on the bench and one sits on it for over 70 minutes
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Only concern I have for this game is our bench go forward against the big Raiders forward pack.

That's why i would bring in Paasi and Vete in for Cook and Papalii. Both bring size also have and off load which will help fatigue the bigger Raiders forward pack having to double up on tackles.

If we play and up tempo game and stick with them for the first 60mins we should beat them in the last 20 with our superior fitness.


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Pulu was everywhere, did the job Papaii did for us last week. That should be rwarded with a starting spot.

I know Mannering isn't back but when he does return I would be keeping him in the middle to try and stop the metres these teams are making in the first few hitups, plus I think on attack I prefer him out of the backline.
Tohu Harris and Pulu have been absolutely amazing inside our centres. Definitely keep em wide...
If Mannering is fit (which I believe he isn't) then he's straight into the starting line up for Papali'i, if not Pulu takes that spot & Paasi to the bench

I've seen a post or two mentioning that it would be a good thing to see Simon have to fight his way back into the starting line up via the bench, sorry but I totally disagree

IMO if there is one player in this squad who deserves a bit of preferential treatment it is Simon Mannering

That man has given his blood, sweat & most likely tears for our team for over a decade & one thing you can bet your house on is that he will always perform to a high standard

I'd also like to see him back asap so that he has a greater chance of cracking 300 first grade games for the Warriors this year

Other than that no changes to a winning lineup ... injuries permitting
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Agree with previous comments...

Canberra's big forwards may expose our guys however their fitness not at same Level as Warriors. A win in Canberra is a definite possibility.


Papali looked hella gassed in the last 15

Dude is so fat he couldn't even play the ball in the last 10 minutes. Raiders look to have been figured out by the rest of the competition, ricky hasn't changed the cattle so the same flaws are there.

But we are on a decent losing streak to them, so won't be getting cocky about a win, they will be DESPERATE. but they are fat and if we keep the errors to a minimum could run them down.
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Paasi looks as wide as he is tall, (not saying he’s not fit, he’s just bulked) his days of playing on the edge are probably gone, he’s a prop, so is Vete, so is Lisone, so is Afoa.

You can’t run a all prop bench, so someone else (Love-Henry, Gelling?) might get promoted to the bench if Mannering can’t play, its safer to play a back rower in the middle off the bench than it is to put a prop on the edge.

I love Leivaha Pulu, he’s big, he’s mobile, he’s reliable, easy starter on the left for me. When a team is fit its easier to justify a reserve utility, (storms, broncos generally always have one) so Cook will keep on hanging in there.
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Whats up with cook coming on for the last 7 minutes and luke is still on

It's the result of the reduction to 8 interchanges - there's less room to spend two of them on a hooker. Cook's mainly there as injury cover since he has played 1,6,7 & 9 at ISP level. More and more teams seem to be carrying a benchwarmer these days e.g. Rabbits last week had Hymel Hunt on the bench for the whole game.
Pulu will start, that much I think is guaranteed. Can he do 80?. How about this for left field, have a bench of Lisone, Afoa, Cook and Perham/Soosemea. Ken Maumalo does a 20 minute stint as 2nd Row to give Pulu a break. Up the pace in both areas.

Probably will be Vete/Satae coming onto the bench with Afoa or Lisone doing the wide role.
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