Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 24 - Rabbitohs vs Warriors


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Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 24 - Rabbitohs vs Warriors

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After the Round 23 game against the Canberra Raiders at Mt Smart Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 24 game against the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

might as well get it out of the way now...

F**K they were useless this week! Raiders ran str8 through us! Why Kearney would pick 3 hookers against a monster pack I never know. Time to get rid of the dead weight and blood some new faces! Look to next year.

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. cnk
3. aysh
4. Fusitua
5. pauga
6. hingano
7. lino
8. sipley
9. roache
10. sipley
11. ogden
12. papalii
13. mannering

14. cherrington
15. bunty
16. satae
17. bell

1. That flogging by the Raiders puts us on track for equal points differential with West Tigers.

2. Newcastle are on a roll, our fate is sealed if the Knights can beat Canberra and Cronulla, two teams who look vulnerable to upsets.

3. If we don't beat either the Rabbits or Manly in the next two weeks, our worst nightmare becomes reality:

Spoonbowl 2017

Warriors v Tigers, Round 26, Leichardt Oval

Oh, nearly forgot:

4. Trust The Process #TTP
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It's an away game we will not win anyway, build for next year give a few younger guys a taste of Fg.

The season is done and dusted forget the process get out there and express yourselves.
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gotta keep Hingano and Lino in the halves.

Thanks for the memories Hoffman, Lillyman and Mats but you guys are gone give Pat Sipley a run for experience, give Satae more than 10 minutes. Get some playing time in Lisone and get CNK in the team.

We're getting smashed every game anyway, may as well give some experience to our younger players
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Id like Mason Lino, HIngano, and Roache to stay in the 13. Funny how the reserve grade players are outplaying their first grade equivalents. Now if only our coach could give CNK another chance and dump Kata for atleast a week...
Agree totally.......remember when Cappy dropped ( to make a point) half a dozen for the bogey team Dragons a couple or three seasons ago,and the boys did the job.He then explicably rewards them by sending most of them back down to reserve grade over the next couple of weeks and then the recalled first graders go on their normal losing ways.
Kearney says that despite wanting people to take responsibility for their performances he says that they aren't putting in but won't drop them as the reserve graders are not good enough.
Absolute bollocks ......... our reserve team this year is going as well as it ever has.That is what reserve grade is for and every other club uses it as a feeder team to the first grade either as a reward for those performing or a punishment for those who aren't .
I just don't get it,we get Faraimo, ,Cherrington ,Santo,Allwood for example as cover and Kearney says that they and all the reserve graders generally aren't up to standard.
I am not being awful but I just don't think Kearneys brain can handle it as evidenced by the selection and use of the bench.As mentioned by others he plays people for 5 or 10 minutes,out of position,his prop rotation is fucked,his prop selection is unfathomable,he has two future props (Kata and Maumalo)in the three quarters,he seems to get snitches against people.(CNK,Vete) ,he has his favourites who never get dropped (Kata,Lillyman,Sao) and his game plan consists of 5 hit ups without any offloads despite the position on the field or the possible disarray of the oppositions defensive line followed by some sort of disjointed run around with your head chopped off,pass to somebody else (it doesn't matter who) hope for the best,attempt to get it to Shaun Johnson and if that doesn't work just somebody fucking kick it or failing that go for the last tackle burrow over play on the 6th tackle tactic ala Lisone and Kata.
I have not even talked about the defence.
Nope,having SK having to think about promoting players from reserve grade is another step too far for him and his brain to comprehend.
Easier to say we are sticking to the process.
We are going as bad as we ever have and we are lucky that the Knights and Tigers are behind us.
We are though in real danger of getting the spoon and that would prove it........we are the worst we have ever been.
Fact is Cappy got signed up way too quick because Scurrah thought he was going to get head hunted and panicked,if Scurrah had waited we probably would have ended up with Bennett.
Cappy's team goes down the gurgler and Doyle panics and signs Kearney who is proving that he is either totally useless or like the Lord moves in strange ways..........time will tell.
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I think it as an absolute fucking disgrace that we haven't seen CNK again.


Kid did just about everything you could ask of him...

Funny thing about this situation is though, we have to be the only team in history where the players would actually rather play for the reserve team.
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Matulino looks likely to be out for one game on a shoulder charge charge.
Like our forward pack needed to be weaker...means Satae should get another run and hopefully more mins (looked better fitnesswise on the weekend).

Wonder if Kearney will go with a Sipley (Pat might be injured he didn't play ISP on the weekend) or settle with Gubb or Sao as his replacement ?
Lino is a much better halfback replacement. If it was Foran who was injured, Ata would have started at 6 but because it was halfback Shaun Johnson, putting in Lino was the right decision.

For all the critics that demanded this combo earlier in the year when Shaun Johnson was playing mediocre footy, you'll now see how much of a role Shaun actually plays in the team... he's a huge loss and not replaceable by anyone else in our squad. Foran is overhyped and goes missing in games, he was terrible against Panthers, barely knew he was even on the field.

I fully expect this will be a repeat of when Shaun did his ankle, we'll lose the next 7 games. I hope I'm wrong though.

I would actually prefer 6. Lino and 7. Johnson next year.


My god did I nail this July 18th...

See you 2018 gents.
only one guy should be a certainty in that side

Mannering !!!

how many years does he have on his contract, surely another failed season he may consider a move to another club, any of them would snap him up


only one guy should be a certainty in that side

Mannering !!!

how many years does he have on his contract, surely another failed season he may consider a move to another club, any of them would snap him up
We must be paying him overs, mind you he tackles for an extra player anyway.