Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 23 - Warriors vs Raiders

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Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 23 - Warriors vs Raiders

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After the Round 22 game against the Newcastle Knights at McDonald Jones Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 23 game against the Canberra Raiders at Mt Smart Stadium

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

So we can still make the finals. Where there's life there's hope.;)

The Dragons and Panthers need to have a draw, or we need to win by 40 points a game in every remaining game, and those two along with the Raiders lose every game (except the Raiders have to beat the panthers).

Just letting you guys know that we're still a chance to win the comp.:banghead:

And with the odds at 5001 : 1, you'd be an idiot not to put a dollar on.:p
Same team as this weekend.

1. Wighton
2. Cotric
3. Croker
4. Leilua
5. Rapana
6. Austin
7. Sezer
8. Paulo
9. Hodgson
10. Boyd
11. Papalii
12. Whitehead
13. Tapine

14. Bateman
15. Baptiste
16. Priest
17. Taylor

It's bad luck to change a winning team don't you know.
Zero faith in Kearney making the big call and culling the guys who ain't putting in as he says. He's all talk no action. These player need to be dropped as not up to it:

I'd start with Kata & Luke being dropped. Sao didn't play did he?

I believe Lillyman went OK, Maumalo was average but tried hard (I just don't believe he knows what he could be with an ounce of confidence) and Lino is both capable and trying exceptionally hard, putting in huge effort to make a difference.

Bring in..CNK and Satae and retain Roache and Jazz T. Time for Papali'i to get another go to (cover for Bodene). Ata on the bench. Perhaps even P Sipley to have a run.
Lots of opportunities for all to show whether they care....
And there'd be an instant $5k fine for all stupid penalties given away, (doubled of the opposition score off the next play) and for penalty kicks for touch making under 20m.

Finally, a pass to anyone standing still and not running onto the ball would be a $1k fine every time.
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