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Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 14 - Titans vs Warriors


After the Round 13 game against the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 14 game against the Gold Coast Titans at Cbus Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

Only difference will be Jacob Lillymans number. Same favourites will be trotted out again even though Shaun Johnson, Bodene Thompson and Ben Matulino need to be dropped. Kearney wont have the balls like Cleary did...

Ruben Wiki
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Hmm.... tough one this.

Let me guess.

Same team against the Eels?

Cut and Paste.

Right Stephen?


Come to think about it.......You could well be correct . Unless ? Nope ....your correct. Just had wild thought there, sorry, I don't want to share it tho .
Kata needs to be dropped.

Matulino and Thompson need to be dropped as well only trouble is their replacements are just as shit
1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Someone Who Can Play Footy (ie, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad)
3. Ayshford
4. Fusitua
5. Someone Who Can Run Faster Than Me
6. Foran
7. Someone Who Knows What Game He's Playing
8. Gavet
9. Luke
10. Someone Who Can Be Fucked On Game Day
11. Someone Who Likes His Job
12. Someone Who Can Still Play Footy After All These Years
13. Mannering

14. Someone Who Can Get Some Game Time
15. Lillyman
16. Someone Who's Last Name Is Sipley
17. Someone Who's Last Name Is Satae
Thing is Kearney won't drop Thompson, he'll look at the fact Bodene made over 40 tackles although missed 5, (It felt like more).
He won't drop Kata either. Will say it was his first game back, bit of rust, deserves time.

What's frustrating is, this is the same under-performing team as last year (excluding Foran)
Cappy was reluctant to drop players and so is Kearney. For me if half the squad is unsigned, drop these guys, give youth a chance, put these guys on notice, you need to earn this jersey, you don't own shit.. Kearney is just a mate to those guys.. or should I say Mooks!
Gavet has a fractured eye socket according to his Instagram story. Assume that's something that will keep him out?
I want to know why Bunty keeps being dropped. He has been a bit quiet in a couple of games, but don't think he has done a lot wrong. Yet he seems to be the fall guy
1.Santo 2.Nicoll-Klokstad 3.Fusitu'a 4.Ayshford 5.Tuivasa-Sheck 6.Hingano 7.Foran 8.Gavet 9.Luke 10.Lillyman 11.Papalii 12.Mannering 13.Tevaga. 14.Johnson 15.T.Sipley 16.Matulino 17.Hoffman

18.Lisone 19.Vete 20.Kata 21.Sao

This would be my first step in a new 'process' someone said season season is on life support, yeah thats very well said and the situation is real, Warriors are staring at 15th.
So I would shake it up a bit, create some enthusiasm Kearney is not mixing the youthful talent with experience at all which is a terribly bad coaching sign. Wheres the development. Kearney is a smart man, maybe too smart he did have success with KIWIS but has shown NOTHING in the NRL over a long period of time.

I cannot believe when coaches name someone on the interchange and they don't get on, its just wrong they can either contribute to a game or they can't so play them or release them to ISP. He also stated Lolohea is a winger yet played him in the halves at Test level previously, maybe he learnt that but what i really hope he learns from now is that some players in this Warriors Squad have been underperforming for far too long, some almost all season.

Some big calls are needed and some injection of players that are going to contribute to a higher level of enthusiasm and commitment, but most importantly a game plan that is going to suit the players and trouble the opposition. I know f**k all about Santo but seen he played under 20s Qld and was ISP Fullback of the year so give him a crack.

Lucky Newcastle are just absolutely terrible because the Warriors would be sitting almost unbelievably... last.
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Gavet has a fractured eye socket according to his Instagram story. Assume that's something that will keep him out?

Yup it would.

Looking forward to fans getting excited about Sipley and then exploding when given Gubb/Sao.

Plus, Thompson will still be here. Just can't afford to lose his "experience" now that Gavet's out. *sigh*
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