General Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 17 - Warriors vs Titans

1. Fusitua
2. Tui
3. Ayshford
4. Kata
5. Manu
6. Loo loo eyes
7. Shaun Johnson
8. Lillyman
9. Bully
10. Vete
11. Bodene Bodene Bodene Bodene
12. The Hoffinator
13. The greedy tackler who won't let anyone else have a tackle.

14. Maumalo (covers wing centre and second row)
15. Lisone
16. Muttz
17. Sipley

So I'm using capguns outside backs are great on the bench theory as follows;

If Fusitua gets broked. Tui goes to fullback and bring on Maumalo as wing.

If Tui gets broked. Straight swap for Maumalo.

If Blake or Kata get broked. Maumalo to second row. Bodene or the Greedy tackler to centre.

If Manu's hammys go ping.....straight swap for Maumalo.

If Shaun Johnson or Lulu eyes get sore sore. Tui goes in and Maumalo to wing.

If none of the backline get sore sore then you have a 6ft plus, 100+kg second row rotation in Maumalo.

Surely this would be better than using the ppls champ?
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Gubb did next to nothing in the last game. Him and Wright can be replaced or just leave the positions vacant on the field as they are the same thing. If they never played for the Warriors again I would be happy.
1. Fusitua
2. Lolohea
3. Ayshford
4. Kata
5. Maumalo
6. Ata
7. Shaun Johnson
8. Vete
9. Luke
10. Lillyman
11. Thompson
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering

14. Tommy
15. Mutts
15. Sipley
17. Vatuvei

My bench gives Cappy his Winger on the bench while also giving fans the devastating line bending impact prop in the same fact with Sipley their, Prop lovers have two impact animals plus Ben Mutts....that's some heavy shit.

My bench also has a genuine halfback that can cover Johnson or young Hingano if needs must.

Tui on the Wing gives him even more options in the halves to cover Johnson.

Young Ata gets his debut against a middle of the road club.

All going well Tommy comes on to spell Luke and be emergency cover for Shaun Johnson.

Maumalo who makes few mistakes thus far gets to rumble the ball up in tandem with Manu for periods.

Take that Cappy.
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Jordan G

Gubb played 18 minutes. Made some runs, made his tackles. Did his job. Can't expect much more in limited game time.
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1 fusitua
2 maumalo
3 ayshford
4 kata
5 manu
6 hingano
7 lolohea
8 gubb
9 luke
10 vete
11 thompson
12 hoffman
13 mannering
14 tevaga
15 gavet
16 matulino
17 lillyman
18 leuluai
*Shaun Johnson out to rest for a couple of weeks if hes not 100%

titans are currently using two rookie halfs with good success. no reason we shouldnt...

luke hingano lolohea ayshford to share kicking duties
Putting on my Cappy cap now and going with a revolutionary specialist outside back bench...

1. David Fusitua
2. Jonathan Wright
3. Blake Ayshford
4. Solomone Kata
5. Manu Vatuvei
6. Thomas Leuluai
7. Shaun Johnson
8. Ben Matulino
9. Isaac Luke
10. Jacob Lillyman
11. Bodene Thompson
12. Ryan Hoffman
13. Simon Mannering

14. Ken Maumalo
15. Matt Allwood
16. Tuimoala Lolohea
17. Henare Wells
Dont give him ideas....he would do it too
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David Fusitua........................... Class whether he plays..shows more urgency in defence and positional play than Lolohea

2. Tuimoala Lolohea..................... Wont let the team down and his benching will galvanise him

3. Blake Ayshford........................ mainstay of the midfield..don't like how cappy threw him under the bus to justify Wrights dropped ball

4. Solomone Kata........................Young (experts forget this)and is learning all the time, his defensive is improving out of sight. Distribution will come with time

5. Manu Vatuvei/Ken Maumalo.......Hope Manu is 100% fit otherwise why risk him, Ken needs to up his work rate and work on his weaknesses.

6. Thomas Leuluai.......................Underrated, straightens the play up..does a lot defensive work.

7. Shaun Johnson/Robson........................Why risk him this week against the Titans? rest him for the home stretch

8. Ben Matulino...........................After his self imposed suspension has slowly been getting back into it, standout against the sharks

9. Isaac Luke.............................. Showing the doubters why he bought him..class

10. Jacob Lillyman.......................him and ben have to show the way for the young guys in the pack

11. Bodene Thompson..................great 80 minute workhorse

12. Ryan Hoffman........................I like him as captain, doesn't shy away from the hard stuff.

13. Simon Mannering...................No need to say anything, club icon

14. Albert Vete.......................... Great engine..showing pop in defence and good offloads..keep it up

15. Sam Lisone...........................Needs to temper his emotions..needs to get rid of that crowding in the play the ball. bullshit..stupid penalty given away at a crucial time in the sharks game which eventually lead to a try.
16. Sipley........................His time is now..needs the game time to continue his development. Offers more than Gubb apart from the haircut
17. Nathaniel Roache/Jazz...................Club is so blessed to have these 2 young tyros. Either will do me.

I wonder what team cappy will pick on Tuesday. Titans are having an injury crisis. Will he rest Shaun Johnson? 3 weeks rest and recuperation will get Shaun Johnson ready for the homestretch. Robson or Ata would be the right choice. Cappy playing mind games and trying to justify his picking of Wright by throwing Blake Ashford under the bus is interesting and has the potential to back fire if he hasn't read the situation correctly. The Lolohea situation is the same. Not knowing what is going what goes on at Mt Smart during the week ill give him the benefit of the doubt but don't take the piss out of the fan base or patronise us with PR bullshit. You cant polish a turd, jono wright seems like a nice guy but NRL standard?
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Ok doky here is mine.

1. Fusitua
2. Lolohea
3. Ayshford
4. Kata
5. Vatuvei
6. TL
7. Hingano
8. Vete
9. Luke
10. Lillyman
11. Thompson
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering


Johnson to have a couple of weeks to rest the quad, we need him at 100% for the last push into the 8.
Similar to Sup42 Sup42 team but I wouldn't mind having the back spot filled with someone that can run some meters up the middle if need be.
Lolohea will be back up for 1,6,7.
TL will be back up for 9.


Just got to nurse Johnson through this game then he gets the week off, I’d use Jeff Robson as cover, he can play 15-20 minutes of dummy half and cover for injury, that would make more sense than wing cover.

TL has been getting better, though he is always good for one terrible passing decision, he is delivering the ball for Johnson to play wider, the old chestnut of split halves and him dominating the ball isn’t really happening.

So would be reluctant to switch him to utility, and start Hingano, his injury history suggests you got to ride him while you can.

Wings depends on whose fit, I wouldn’t cry about Lolohea being left out for a returning Vatuvei, TL junior has so many fans (especially in the fox sports contingent, they overate him something fierce) but you might actually see Maumalo dot down if put on the right. He’s surprisingly good under the high ball, and the titans do like to kick to the corner.

Prop rotation is coming together, Vete been very good since coming back to the side, I think its good they aren't over exposing Sipley and he gets to split time between first grade cameo and big minutes in NSW cup, but would have him replace Lisone in this one.

In: Vatuvei, Sipley, Robson
Out: Wright, Lisone, Lolohea
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