General Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 14 - Knights vs Warriors

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Gee, tough. I thought Gubb came on and was really good defensively. For once. He happened to come on at a time when the Broncos were gaining a lot of possession and trying to push through the middle. I wouldn't expect big metres from a prop when they don't have the ball or we are getting the ball 10 metres out after repeat sets. That's when your backs get in to allow the forwards to get their breath back.
For mine it defies logic to have an "impact forward" coming off the bench simply for his defence, which in Gubbs case can be a bit hit & miss TBF, so with that in mind Gavet or Sao for Gubb for mine

McFadden will probably still pick him though cos Gubb appears to be in that Cappy Golden Circle, right in there with Hoff, Tommy & Jonno etc

Here's a few stats from NRL.COM comparing Gavet & Gubb for 2016 so far

Gubb - 9 matches, 31.4min average, 57 attacking runs, 461 mtrs gained, 55 hit ups, 149 tackles, 17 missed tackles, 1 error, 1 line breaks, 2 offloads

Gavet - 6 matches, 33min average, 51 attacking runs, 469 mtrs gained, 45 hit ups, 114 tackles, 4 missed tackles, 4 errors, 0 line breaks, 1 offload

Pretty similar stats really, what stands out for me is Gavet has played 3 less matches & taken 10 less hitups yet has slightly more meters than Gubb

Although Gubb has made 30+ more tackles he has also missed 17 (which is a lot for a prop IMO) compared to Gavet's 4 misses

Gubb just shades Gavet on errors made, line breaks & offloads

So even before checking out those stats I would've gone with Gavet over Gubb, now that I've read the stats it's sealed the deal for mine
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Think about it ... I said that Manu was named as one of the top wingers the same year Shaun Johnson won the Golden Boot. You then said Manu won it in 2008 - a year before Shaun Johnson played his first game of league.

Like I said, you better stop before you're shown to have made even more of a fool of yourself!!!
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Sorry to close to the Manu Vatuvei Residual Value V12.0.

Not lol.

Team list thread is alive and kicking...

If anyone wants any of the Manu discussion moved let me know or you can continue to talk discuss it in the proper thread. (28 pages)

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