General Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 13 - Broncos vs Warriors

Pick your team for the Broncos match (17 selections)

  • Tuimoala Lolohea

  • Manu Vatuvei - Wing

  • Jonathan Wright

  • Matt Allwood

  • David Fusitua

  • Ken Maumalo

  • Solomone Kata

  • Blake Ayshford

  • Konrad Hurrell

  • Shaun Johnson

  • Jeff Robson

  • Thomas Leuluai

  • Ben Matulino

  • Jacob Lillyman

  • Sam Lisone

  • James Gavet

  • Albert Vete

  • Charlie Gubb

  • Issac Luke

  • Jazz Tevega

  • Ryan Hoffman

  • Simon Mannering

  • Shaun Lane

  • Toafofoa Sipley

  • John Palavi

  • Upu Poching

  • Bodene Thompson

  • Manu Vatuvei - Forwards

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Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 13 - Broncos vs Warriors

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Poll is up to 17 selections. Votes can be changed. Manu Vatuvei can be voted on the wing or in the forwards.

Bear in mind that we have a BYE next week for Round 12.

After the Round 11 game against Canberra Raiders at Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth do you want to see any changes for the Round 13 game against the Brisbane Broncos at Suncorp Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

McFadden's talking big changes against the Broncos, trouble is he's almost been through his entire squad already. Whose he going to bring back Gubb? Sao?

Get some young players in there that will take their opportunity with both hands.
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This game could get very very messy if Brisbane are on form. If they aren't on form it will still be a 20 plus beating. No more Wright, Allwood and Ash. If we are to get smashed then lets let a Kiwi man up rather than an average Australian who is dreading water in our side. Build for next year. Retire TL, Wright, and Robson. Clean out those that aren't up to it. Time for our young stars to step up and the old men to move on. We are going to likely lose anyways so lets blood some players and let their young confidence at least offer something more on attack.
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I realise that there is zero chance of this however it would be nice if everyone stopped using Manu Vatuvei, club legend, as a scapegoat for every defensive and handling error committed by the Warriors since their inception in 1995. I sincerely hope his head is right so that he can get out there and resume his outstanding Warriors career on the wing.
The halves
I say it every week but here I go again just to keep my post tally up, Shaun Johnson's kicking game is terrible at the moment, he actually started well last night with his first kick where we got a repeat set (i can't remember seeing that for a while) and I had hope, after that it was rubbish. We need a new halves pairing and I am going for Robson and Lolohea. Robson is a journeyman but I want to see Lolohea in the halves and I don't want Shaun Johnson with him in the form he is in, Robson can take most of the kicking duties. I wouldn't care if it was Leuleuai instead of Robson but others think his kicking stinks too, I haven't seen enough of it lately to say whether that is right or not.
1. Fusitua (the guy had a MOTM performance last game in this position & we found out last year that Lolohea is wasted at FB)
2. Wells
3. Kata
4. Ayshford (As poor as he was, he's the best of a poor bunch)
5. Allwood (I suspect Manu will be picked to make up for the forwards not doing their job. I also wonder if we will see Hurrell for the same reason)
6. Robson (This guy delivered against the Dragons. Shaun Johnson needs to find his confidence, but not in 1st grade)
7. Lolohea
8. Matulino
9. Luke
10. Lillyman
11. Thompson
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering

14. Tevaga
15. Lisone
16. Gavet/Vete
17. Sipley

We have such a journeyman team. Leuleui should not be allowed anywhere this time. He has played bugger NRL in the last few years and it shows.
The Warriors have holes everywhere in defence. Our backrowers are poor, our centres are poor, our wings are poor, our props, halves and hooker are poor.

In terms of attack, 12 points would be enough if the Warriors could only defend a repeat set. Morgan should be replaced immediately if he is the defensive coach, thats the change I would be making
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1. Fusitua
2. Lolohea
3. Asyhford
4. Kata
5. Wells/Allwood
6. Hingano/Robson
7. Johnson
8. Gavet
9. Luke
10. Lisone
11. Thompson
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering

14. Tevaga
15. Lillyman
16. Vete
17. Sao/Palavi

Fucking hell Cappy... just have the nuts to shake shit up man.
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If it does make wholesale changes, I feel for the young fellas who's first game of the season will be against the heavyweights.
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If it does make wholesale changes, I feel for the young fellas who's first game of the season will be against the heavyweights.
I don't - I'd rather watch young fellas thrown to the wolves who play valiantly in the jersey and do our team justice instead of watching the incumbents constantly show piss-poor effort week in week out.
If it does make wholesale changes, I feel for the young fellas who's first game of the season will be against the heavyweights.
Good point, its a hiding to nothing for the young guys. Put the most experienced team possible on the park, play them for the rest of the year with just a couple of changes and then look at a cleanout of players and coaches at the end of the year based on their performance
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