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Former try-scoring wizard Steve "The Pearl" Renouf has no doubts exciting youngster Israel Folau can smash his try-scoring feats for the Brisbane Broncos.



I may get slammed for this opinion, but I loved watching Steve Renouf ahead of watching Israel Falou. Falou will smash all sorts of records, but Renouf was absolute grease lightning. Great footwork, acceleration and agility. That's not a slur on Falou, but Renouf was absolutely incredible and sometimes gets lost down the annals because he played in such magnificent teams but Renouf was the Alfie Langer of outside backs.


It's the difference between watching the grace and finesse of an F1 car then watching the sheer brutal violence of a top fuel draggster. Like Iafeta i'd watch the pearl (both the English and Australian version) any day of the week over Izzy.


i agree, different styles of players. jennings is very much like renouf though. ive had big wraps on him for the past 2 seasons. he would walk into any rep teams if he played for a bigger team like the storm or broncos.

talking of falou though...a similiar player like him...jamaal idris is being courted by the bulldogs to sign on an upgrade of his contract at 200k per season. he is so young, great attitude and does falou-like things at this early age. food for thought but when tate is up id like to see a player like him at the warriors....and get some spare change from swapping of the two contracts too...but...i doubt hed leave sydney....

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