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Warriors Orange Peeler
Panthers vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [FINALS Week 1, 2018]

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Elimination Final: Saturday, September 8
ANZ Stadium

3:30pm AEST Warriors Women vs Roosters Women
5:30pm AEST Penrith Panthers v New Zealand Warriors...
I love the smell of Finals Footy in the morning

To be completely honest ... I'm relatively content with what our team has already achieved this season

In saying that I'd still love nothing more than for us to smash Penrith & firmly shove the metaphorical footy deep & I mean DEEP up Gus Gould's crusty old sphincter

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Seems like there will be no penalties in the final series, considering what is happening in the south’s storm game. Do u guys reckon this is good or bad for us? I don’t like our chances if it gets to free flowing, think we will start trying to do stupid passes etc
Bit of a worry that they changed the Reffing to try to get an Origin flow to the game....but we should expect this type of corruption in Aus with hundreds of millions of TV dollars on the line and an AFL final across the road.

As Brother Faisal Brother Faisal said: lets be honest, we are going to get pinged.

If we play with Penrith down our throat, there will be only one team in this, having said that, we do have the defence in us to survive it, but im sick of needing Miracles from the man in the sky.

Each Ref is so inconsistently different in this comp.

There is no way Henry Perenara puts his whistle away.

Nor Ben Cummins ( thank fuck we dont have him).

It may suit the NRL to give the Warriors a leg up (tin foil hat time, Perenara and The retiring Ref from the breathing circle thankyou, you couldnt write this shit).

But in all seriousness last nights Reffing was absolute proof this comp is run by people it shouldnt be.
I heard on the radio yesterday that Roger Tuivasa-Sheck hadnt trained this week because of his foot, doe anyone know if this is true and if hes playing?
Got through the Captains run last night ( no pun intended).

Fit to play.

Unless SK is fucking with SK does from time to time ( Shaun Johnson earlier in the year named to play when everyone knew he wasnt).
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