Read on Facebook that someone posted Trent Merrin is a done deal for the Panthers. Panthers looking to offload Sika Manu and/or Adam Docker. Possibly to the Dragons? Reckons his source was Trents mother...
That could turn out to be a great move by the Saints.
A wrecking ball like Sika Manu will compliment there back row with his intimidating carries.
Docker will add that bang in defence, a dominant defender.
They lost that when they let Beau Scott go.
I would take that if I was in the Saints circles.
I know some players stay in Sydney because they get extra dough for being on Channel 9 or Fox (some commentate in Holden Cup, some are on the Footy Show etc)

and we all know what was luring players to the Gold Coast(sorry OT but i couldnt resist, no more OT i promise)

Keith Richards is 71 and has a net worth of $340 million...

And he spent most of his life rrrrrreeeeeeel fucken high on drugs...
Does grass hurt when its cut?
How can Teflon stick to a pan if nothing sticks to Teflon?
Does Grass hurt when it is cut....the Question is....does Grass enjoy the pain ? (why grow back if you have had Dinosaurs eating you since time in memorial)

How can Teflon stick ?

Ask John Gotti how the U.S criminal Justice Machine made shit stick to him....