I suppose the Aussies are calling him a NZer again like the last scandal he was in.

He wore your green and gold league jersey assoles.
This thread was needed, not a fan of not being able to take the mickey out of a mud post
Doyle is being quite clear in terms of the strategy they wish to employ. I can't help but half grin in a sense that a few of us on here have been saying for years it seems absolutely bewildering that in a one team city of 1.3-1.4m, and the rest of a nation to market to as well, that we can't get better commercial value for our players. Whether it be merchandising deals, whether it be more media work. I know some players stay in Sydney because they get extra dough for being on Channel 9 or Fox (some commentate in Holden Cup, some are on the Footy Show etc), and I know New Zealand has a pro-union background still, but there is enough to market to. I think for a long time the Warriors have sat back and expected it to happen, rather than connect well into the commercial community and ensure it happens. Players aren't only looking at the immediate dollar, they're looking at what happens post career. There are many rugby league opportunities post career in Sydney, there surely is a model to ensure something similar, pro rata'd to the fact there is only one club that can exploit it, in Sydney. Praise the Lord for Doyle being frank about it, rather than the ducks and drakes Wayne Scurrah would play. Epic jersey designer, prudent financial manager, absolutely horrific networker.
Scurrah was a money man. Eric Watson pretty much stated that before the Elliot debacle when he said that Scurrah was doing a great job because his job was to make money.

Profit over performance, that probably meant cutting costs everywhere, possibly even digging into the cap. There always seemed to be a rumour under him that there was always money left. Back when Mateo and Inu signed it was rumored the Warriors still had 400k, we never signed anyone else, and that was good money before the change in cap.
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We got these guys selling jersies and undies.. How bout they get naked (figuratively speaking of course, although there would be way more hot, dissapointed girls to tune at the mount) and just focus on the footy till we get some...

Titles that is...
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They also sandblast the pan so it creates a pitted surface for the Teflon to key into.


Might as well be the first on this thread. Gonna happen sooner or later.

Manu Vatuvei to the forwards...
nope you werent first


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
one of my good mates is a saints fan...... kinda feel like we arent going to be good friends anymore. we are both watching the world cup series thing and he is starting to discover how bad nielson is. like he is really hating on us for getting rid of him.

nope thats offtopic, you shoulda put that in the world cup challenge thread
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Read on Facebook that someone posted Trent Merrin is a done deal for the Panthers. Panthers looking to offload Sika Manu and/or Adam Docker. Possibly to the Dragons? Reckons his source was Trents mother...
That could turn out to be a great move by the Saints.
A wrecking ball like Sika Manu will compliment there back row with his intimidating carries.
Docker will add that bang in defence, a dominant defender.
They lost that when they let Beau Scott go.
I would take that if I was in the Saints circles.