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NZWF Simon Mannering Retirement Gift
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As longtime members will know we every so often pass a hat around to get a gift for a player who may need a get well present or a retirement gift. This is one of those moments for a player who has given his blood, sweat and tears for the club we all love.

For those interested in donating please send me a message for account details (NZ bank account or Paypal). I'll respond as soon as I can. You will then be added to a group message where we can all decide what to get him. Even if it's only a dollar it will all add up. We suggest a cap of $10 max please. We aren't trying to buy him a gold watch.

If you are able to donate vouchers, tickets etc these will also be gratefully accepted.

Gifts will be presented on the whole forums behalf.

We are also looking for messages that we can have printed out and presented to Mannering. Feel free to post them up in this thread.

Following threads are examples of gifts this forum has done in the past.

The last appeal for Ben Henry we actually had to stop receiving donations after we hit $520! These were the gifts we got him.

Simon Mannering retirement announcement.jpg

For all that donate two medium 2016 Heritage jersey and a signed copy of Sione Faumuina autobiography will be randomly given out as a thank you. Those that post messages will also go into the draw to win a signed copy of Sione Faumuina's autobiography...

To Donate:
Send me a PM by clicking the link below indicating you want to help by donating. Anything donated is appreciated.
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Don't forget guys we are also looking for messages of gratitude to print out and present to him. Copy and paste from his thread if you have already done one there. I'll start.

Dear Simon

Want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving so much to the team I love. No other Warrior has given more and you embody everything it means to be a Warrior. I really do hope the team can get you a Premiership this season as you above all other players deserve to go out with one.

Enjoy your retirement and all the extra time you will now have with your family. Hope the pain, bumps and bruises become a distant memory soon. Good luck with whatever you choose to do in the future.


Dear Simon,

It has been both a pleasure & a privilege sir to watch you represent both the Warriors & the Kiwis with such distinction & genuine mana during your illustrious 14 year rugby league career

If nothing else, please know that the vast majority of us Warriors & Kiwis rugby league supporters hold you in the absolute highest of regard & always will ... for you sir are a true legend

I wish you all the best for the rest of the season & all of your future endeavours

Simon Mannering ... The Immortal Ultimate Warrior

Much Love & Respect

Stone Stone
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Simon if you missed Nathaniel Roaches comments on radio sport the other day....he describes being in a huddle listening to you ' like being in a movie....the croaky an actor in a movie'.

Had a laugh about that... it conjures images of seventies eighties sports movies... Gene Hackman etc....hey...thanks for the memories.
Si, you never got a medal or a cup, but fuck it you spilled blood for us every time you went into battle in a Warriors jumper, and no doubt you died a thousand deaths on the inside in recent years too, more than we'll ever know. But they'll be talking about the Ultimate Warrior for generations to come as your legend grows. We love you big fulla, you'll always be our Captain Mannering... I'm sobbing uncontrollably now, sorry guys, he's just so beautiful

PS - for the gift can we at least get him a fukn trophy from us. The Simon Mannering Cup for the Ultimate Warrior or something like that.
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Congrats on a hard fought career where you never took a backwards step and always put the team first. One of the best defensive players I ever did see and his presence in the middle will be missed.

Your game last week was honestly one of the best I've ever seen you play, now that you have this burden off your chest, heres to a great end of season for you and all going well hitting that 300 mark, all for the Warriors.

Thanks Simon.

I moved down here to Auckland from Canada without knowing anything about rugby league. The first game that I watched in person was the 2008 semi against the Roosters and I really had no clue what was going on. I was told by my mate that I went with to watch the big white guy on the left-hand side and I watched you dominate that game and have been an inspiration for us ever since. I wanted to say thank you and congratulations for the fantastic career for our team and best of luck of in whatever you do in the future.

Kia Kaha!

You were Captain Mannering from the day you first took the field for our club, and have lead the way both on field and off ever since. More importantly than a great Warrior though, I can't think of a better role model for our kids.
It's been a privilege to have been part of the career of a man who has commanded so much mana, and worn it so well. In a perfect world you should never have to pay for another beer in your life.

Actually, I'm always skint... I'm happy to let you buy.

From all past and present members of the ''Raurimu Massive''
Marcus, Roanne, Bungy, Albie, Fergus, Satch, Gav and Freddie.
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Juju - thank you.

Despite your desire to play your role in our team under the radar - you’ve gone on to produce one of the more significant NZW changes contributions - we are all most proud of.

We are aware and appreciate you’ve not hesitated to give your all for a jumper - even when many of those around you would or could not.

We have come to understand you often did this through injury, sickness and when it would have been much easier to contribute just a little less.

The manner in which you’ve conducted yourself on ththe field, off the field and though influencing others has been remarkable.

It doesn’t seem enough - but I can only thank you dearly for all you have done - much we will not be aware of - for our club which we love so dearly - thank you.

We collectively which you, your family and your close friends the very best of health, wealth and happiness - and trust you look back on your role in this story with pride - you’ve certainly earned the right.

Be well - and thank you.


You might need to learn how to cut corners before you become a builder because you never did it at the Warriors.

The stats you have racked up in your time at the club are completely insane but you gave us and your fellow players so much more than that.

Some of my proudest and memorable moments at Mt Smart were hearing Back in Black by AC/DC start up because you had dotted down for a try, because you deserved it so much after all the tackles and cleaning up.

We will miss you, your team will miss you. It will take time to fill the hole you have left but your legacy will live on.

You will always be referred to and compared against in the future because you are an absolute Legend of not just the Warriors or the Kiwis but Rugby League.

Thank you Simon, if our future players only even half measure up to your standards, this club will be in a great spot.



In Andy we (have to) trust
Mr Mannering,

When you were Captain, whenever you received the ball all those around me in the stand yelled "go Captain."

You stepped down from the captaincy when it was taken by Ryan Hoffman but did that stop the crowd still yelling "go Captain"

Hell no!

There has only been one Captain Mannering and I daresay this one has appeared on TV far more than the old codger in the TV show!

Well done sir - you have been a credit to your family & the game of rugby league and you are well respected for that.

Enjoy relaxing and watching the games next year and beyond with those of us who didn't have the courage to put our bodies through what you have over these years [Oh, we didn't have the skill either!]

All the best Captain


You have persevered through injuries and turmoil within the club. You have seen more coaches than most, yet you have stayed loyal to one team. You have seen many lows within the club and some highs (though not as many highs as you deserved). We all know you will be a loyal and passionate stalwart for this club your whole life, on the field and off.

Lets hope your career ends with 304 games, with the last being a win. Then you can hold that trophy up knowing you have done more for that title than any other Warrior.

Regardless of the name of the club, you are and have always been a warrior in name and nature.

You will be known for eternity as one of the hardest working and most endearing players this team will ever have.

Good luck for whatever is next.

¿N. Ig-mah¿
Thank you Simon.

You have built a lasting legacy at our club that will hold us in good stead for years to come. I am forever grateful.

Thank you for staying loyal to the Warriors, and putting your body on the line week in and week out for the jersey. Your loss will be felt massively.

You are my favourite Warrior because you represent everything i ever wanted to be in a player. Hard working, honest, dependable, tough, unassuming, a leader.. I could go on!

Thanks for everything and all the very best for the season and beyond. I hope the boys can go to another level now and send you out in style.
Kia Ora Simon

That's one helluva career you've had there brother

Like everyone else just want to commend you for everything you've done for this club - on and off the field.

Whereas at times our club has been plagued by inconsistencies....the one thing that we could bank on that would be consistent? - the high standard of performance from you week in week out.....and you maintained those standards over an entire NRL career....quite amazing really. They say the things you can count on in life are death and taxes?...….id like to add Simon Mannering making 40+ tackles every week to that list! Im sure I speak for all fantasy footy players everywhere in saying you've given us top dollar value brother lol.

Also want to recognize your efforts in the Kiwi jersey. I was always of the opinion that while talent was never a problem for the Kiwi's in competing against the Kangaroo' was only until the advent of the likes of yourself and Jeremy Smith and co where we could match the Aussies in the GRIND was when the Kiwi's could finally start a little period of domination over those buggers.
Also want to thank you for all those years u missed having an off season and making yourself available for a Kiwi end of year tour. While others we're pulling out left and right for various reasons, holidaying in Bali or leering it up in Vegas, you we're pulling that fern over the chest and doing the business....outstanding!

So im told the key to enjoying retirement is to continue challenging oneself. You're still a young fella bro, im sure you'll find many positive challenges to undertake on life's journey, just like u do on the field tho - by rolling the sleeves up and doing the mahi, you'll be successful in all your endeavours.

All the best brother to you and the whanau.

(Boats n Hoes)