General NZWF Favourite Warriors Jersey

What are you TOP 10 Warriors jerseys?

  • 1995-1996 Home

  • 1995 Away

  • 1996 Super League Special

  • 1997-1999 Home/Away

  • 2000 Home 2001-2002 Away

  • 2000 Away

  • 2001-2002 Home

  • 2002 Special 'Mt Albert'

  • 2003-2005 Home

  • 2003-2005 Away

  • 2003-2005 Special 'Hoops'

  • 2005 10th Anniversary

  • 2006-2008 Home

  • 2006-2008 Away

  • 2006 Awen Guttenbeil Testimonial

  • 2007 Special 'Auckland'

  • 2008 Heritage 'Red'

  • 2009-2011 Home

  • 2009-2011 Away

  • 2009 Heritage 'Blue'

  • 2009 Training

  • 2010 15th Anniversary

  • 2010 Heritage 'Awen Guttenbeil'

  • 2010 Training

  • 2011 Special 'Black Fern'

  • 2011 Heritage 'NZ Flag'

  • 2011 Training

  • 2012-2014 Home

  • 2012-2014 Away

  • 2012 Heritage 'Greenstone'

  • 2012 Women in League 'Pink Paintball'

  • 2012 Training 'Blue Paintball'

  • 2012 Training 'Green Paintball'

  • 2013 Heritage '2002 Flax Weave'

  • 2013 Women in League 'Hibiscus Flower'

  • 2013 Special 'Wellington'

  • 2013 Training 'Inferno'

  • 2013 Training 'Subzero'

  • 2014-2016 Home

  • 2014-2016 Away

  • 2014 Heritage '20 Year Players Names'

  • 2014 Auckland 9s & Special 'Eden Park Blue Voltage'

  • 2014 Women in League 'Smoky Lady'

  • 2014 Training 'Green Voltage'

  • 2015 Heritage 'Wood Carving'

  • 2015 ANZAC

  • 2015 Women in League 'Supernova'

  • 2015 Auckland 9s 'Paua'

  • 2015 Training 'Zion'

  • 2015 Training 'Anarchy'

  • 2016 Heritage '2002'

  • 2016 Women in League 'Pink V/Chevron'

  • 2016 Auckland 9s '16 Teams Mascots'

  • 2016 Training 'Members Exclusive'

  • 2106 Training 'Orange'

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
NZWF Favourite Warriors Jersey
Restarting this thread as the votes were skewed on the last one with people not voting past the first poll in proper numbers.

Point of this thread is to find the forums favourite jersey. Huge poll with 50 selections so take your time. All poll choices have pics in this post below.

YOU CAN CHOOSE 10 JERSEYS. Please try to use them all so we can rank them fairly. Basically tick boxes until you cant anymore.
Because of the limited poll slots NO 2016 JERSEYS WERE INCLUDED but there is an option to pick a 2016 jersey and leave a comment as to which one. Personally the 2016 Heritage will definitely feature in my top 10.

Just a couple guidelines to keep it clean and fair.
  • Jerseys that are similar in appearance will be counted as one eg 1995-96 home jersey, 2003-05 Jerseys, 2009-2011 Jerseys.
  • Training Jerseys will only be considered if they were worn in a trial match at the very least.
  • Heritage Jerseys will all count as different Jerseys
  • No U20's or Reserve Grade jerseys are included in this poll

Be sure to vote guys cause we get enough going we should be able to rank them from number 1 to 1001.

Any queries or suggestions please ask as we want to make this fun and easy but do realise there may be some teething problems at first.

Thank you...


1993-1996 Home
3.jpg 6.jpg 9.jpg 17.jpg

1995 Away

1996 Super League Special
1997 Special.jpg

1997-1999 Home/Away
20.jpg 22.jpg 24.jpg

2000 Home 2001-2002 Away
30.jpg 2001 Players jersey.jpg

2000 Away

2001-2002 Home
26.jpg 35.jpg

2002 Special 'Mt Albert'
gameworn warriors mt albert jersey no 8 front.JPG

2003-2005 Home
36.jpg 44.jpg

2003-2005 Away
10295729_1519394084943131_9159255526461079134_n.jpg 10169382_1519394338276439_1320420818221613332_n.jpg

2003-2005 Special 'Hoops'
10530867_1695394020676469_7100856337554465215_n.jpg 12871456_1695416100674261_2556862523119970397_n.jpg

2005 10th Anniversary

2006-2008 Home
52.jpg 53.jpg 62.jpg

2006-2008 Away
50.jpg 54.jpg

2006 Awen Guttenbeil Testimonial

2007 Special 'Auckland'

2008 Heritage 'Red'

2009-2011 Home
70.jpg 78.jpg

2009-2011 Away
71.jpg 90.jpg

2009 Heritage 'Blue'

2009 Training

2010 15th Anniversary

2010 Heritage 'Awen Guttenbeil'

2010 Training

2011 Special 'Black Fern'

2011 Heritage 'NZ Flag'

2011 Training

2012-2014 Home
98.jpg 132.jpg 11054831_1606003696282169_4576842473761387109_n.jpg

2012-2014 Away
99.jpg 10322636_1519641571585049_8010315839837788428_n.jpg 10616534_1555959941286545_3287462395752927220_n.jpg

2012 Heritage 'Greenstone'

2012 Women in League 'Pink Paintball'

2012 Training 'Blue Paintball'

2012 Training 'Green Paintball'

2013 Heritage '2002 Flax Weave'

2013 Special 'Wellington'

2013 Women in League 'Hibiscus Flower'

2013 Training 'Inferno'

2013 Training 'Subzero'
2013 Training Subzero replica front.jpg

2014 Heritage '20 Year Players Names'

2014 Auckland 9s & Special 'Eden Park Blue Voltage'
10312005_1519633414919198_2538155138788339502_n.jpg 10295731_1519643354918204_1762025645861872045_n.jpg

2014 Women in League 'Smoky Lady'

2014 Training 'Green Voltage'

2015-2016 Home

2014-2016 Away

2015 Heritage 'Wood Carving'

2015 ANZAC

2015 Women in League 'Supernova'

2015 Auckland 9s 'Paua'

2015 Training 'Zion'

2015 Training 'Anarchy'

2016 Heritage '2002'
b976866-heritage_jersey-989-front (1).jpg

2016 Women in League

2016 Auckland 9s '16 Teams Mascots'

2016 Training 'Members Special'

2016 Training 'Orange'


Original thread:


Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
1 vote for the 2016 Heritage jersey.

My 10 votes
  1. 1995 Home - Had to go for the original. Beautiful design and colours
  2. 1995 Away - Always loved this jersey and so hard to get in the original cotton Canterbury model
  3. 2001-2002 Home - A season I will never forget. Made all the other seasons worth the pain. First use of black
  4. 2002 Mt Albert - A jersey that still eludes me and one I cant wait to get. Only like it for its rarity but hate Mt Albert the club :p
  5. 2005 10th Anniversary - Of the countless that have been done this is still the best 1995 remake ever done and its design still holds up today
  6. 2006-2008 Home - The year I started collecting jerseys as Manu Vatuvei was making me lots of money. Great memories going to home games during this era
  7. 2006 Awen Guttenbeil Testimonial - Jersey that changed the game IMO. From the design to the sublimated execution its a beaut and rare as rocking horse shit.
  8. 2007 Auckland - My favourite jersey ever. Love the way they nailed the reproduction from the collar, deep chevron to the shade of blue.
  9. 2013 Subzero - Not one for gaudy designs but this one impressed me how they managed to push the technology to achieve this print. Also the difficulty in obtaining one of these jerseys added a story to it.
  10. 2016 Heritage - Love the 2002 jersey and this version managed to add a modern twist while staying faithful to the original...

The Cheap Seats

1st Grade Fringe
May 18, 2015
My 2016 Jersey vote was for the Heritage Jersey. The Blue made it look Tits!


My 2016 Jersey vote was for the Heritage Jersey. The Blue made it look Tits!


1. 2007 Auckland - best by a country mile
2. 93-96 Home - the original
3 2005 - Anniversary - Honours club heritage
4. 2010 - Anniversary - Honours club heritage
5. 2011 - Black Fern - classy
6. 2011 - NZ Flag - I probably prefer blue jerseys, this one was underappreciated
7. 2009 - Blue heritage - Auckland Hard
8. 2012-14 - Away - real clean design
9 2016 Heritage - Just a nice looking jersey, nicer than the original 2002 version
10. 2014 Heritage - Players names -Honours club heritage


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 17, 2014
2013 Special Wellington for question this is my best jumper by far. In fact if anyone has a brand new one that they want to sell PM me.
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Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
Looking at all those variations makes me laugh.

Wot a fraud.

The only Jersey that matters is the 1995 home kit.

Since an away alternative is mandatory, I would choose the one I think looks the best (the 2o11 black nationalism one).


1st Grade Fringe
Nov 3, 2012
1. 1995 Home. Got to have the O.G. Started our identity.
2. 2011 Black Fern. Respect to The ABs on this Rugby World Cup winning year.
Wear this jersey at least once a week. Love them. I have three , My number two ranked jersey.
3. 2006 Awen Guttenbeil jersey was just B.A.
4. 2014 Heritage jersey. Way to honour our Past and present Warriors.
5. 2014 Women in League Smoky Lady. This jersey brings all the girls to yard.
Attracts the ladies single Warriors.
My wife has barred me from wearing it , she looks smoking hot in her one.
6. 2001-2002 Home. My favourite number one ranked Warrior jersey , it just has high appeal for me. Have three , one is sewn into a duvet cover. lol
Great Warrior era as well
7. 2007 Special , Auckland. Hard to accept this being a Waikato man. But this is an
awesome jersey.
8. 2016 Auckland 9s Mascot. Shows respect to the NRL by having every club representing.
9. 2015 Heritage. When I first saw it , I was thinking poo"s. But up close , this jersey is a
designing masterpiece. The realism is is surreal.
10.2015 Zion. Anything reggae has my appeal. My number three ranked Warrior jersey. I love it.
A must wear at least once a week for me. Just has high appeal for me.
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1st Grade Fringe
Nov 6, 2012
1. 1995-1996 Home - The original and still the best! Still trying to get my hands on a CCC replica.
2. 1995 Away - The perfect example of an away jersey and I really hope they do a heritage version!
3. 2005 10th Anniversary - The best and most faithful remake of our original jersey so far. I'm also lucky enough to own one :)
4. 2001-2002 Home - Reminds me of the good old days and I love the black/white/blue/red colour combination.
5. 2016 Heritage - Exactly what a heritage jersey should be - a faithful remake of the original 2002 design but with the modern jersey template. Our finest heritage jersey so far!
6. 2007 Anniversary - Another faithful remake of an excellent jersey
7. 2006 Guttenbiel - A great design, and also super rare!
8. 2000 Home, 2001-2002 Away - I really like a white jersey and was a fan of this one when it first came out. Was very happy when they brought it back as an away jersey and would love to get a hold of one with the 2001-2002 badging.
9. 2015 Auckland 9s Paua - Love the design and amazing sublimination!
10. 2000 Away - For no other reason except I love red! Definitely not for the on-field memories lol! The Heritage version was decent as well, although an odd selection for a heritage jersey!
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1st Grade Fringe
Oct 21, 2015
I still haven't built my bridge (90% complete) to get over the warriors snub of Lion as their primary sponsor in 95 and the fact that DB were able to dictate their colours being incorporated into the jersey (red and green V), and the fact that is was a crap beer didn't help. And for that reason the earliest jersey that makes my list is the 2001-2002 home with my favourite being the 2007 special Auckland jersey.


Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
2011 Black Fern Jersey for me. So simple. Love that jersey.

2016 Heritage jersey second best.

Hoping the 2017 home jersey is gonna be the goods.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 9, 2012
Can't see the Wellington one in the options?
I liked that one ( even tho I'm not from Wellington).
Same with the auckland one I suppose.
Actually they're prob my two favs- when they gonna do a Canterbury one?


This year yet?
Jul 15, 2013
2011 Black Fern Jersey for me. So simple. Love that jersey.

2016 Heritage jersey second best.

Hoping the 2017 home jersey is gonna be the goods.

Are we due for a New Jersey? Thought we had one more year in the current cycle?


Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
5. 2014 Women in League Smoky Lady. This jersey brings all the girls to yard.
Attracts the ladies single Warriors.
BeastMode pay attention. This is how you get laid by the ladies :hilarious::finger:...

Can't see the Wellington one in the options?
I liked that one ( even tho I'm not from Wellington).
Fuck :banghead:! Sorry man. Will see what I can do...

Herbie Hind

Warriors Bench Player
May 19, 2013
My top five:
1. Original 1993 home jersey
2. 2014 away Jersey
3. 2016 Heritage jersey
4. 2014 home jersey
5. 2013 Wellington jersey

If I had to pick just one I'd go for the 2014 home jersey.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
So sorry guys. Have lifted the selection options and can now add all 2016 jerseys as well as the 2013 Wellington jersey. Please reselect. Any more additions can just added to the bottom of the poll but I think we have them all now. Still 10 votes.

I actually think Im going to change my votes anyway lol.

Sorry for the muck around guys...
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The Batman

1st Grade Fringe
Nov 9, 2012
This. I would still rank the 12-14 jerseys as some of our best ever. So clean, the sponsors look great, the colours are more interesting than black and white, everything is on point.
Would like the 12-14 with a bit of blue thown back in the mix....
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