Recruitment NZ Warriors Sign Issac Luke - Confirmed

The amazing thing even with this signing is there's probably a lot more cap space to sign more players of this calibre

The minimum NRL salary for players is 80k
Wright and Peyroux contracts expire at seasons end. Ikahihifo contract also expires at seasons end conservatively putting his salary at 80k. That's 240k right there.

Nathan Friend contract expires at seasons end a conservative estimate salary would be $250k. Chad Townsend leaving another $200k. So far we have $690k freed up.

Sam Rapira leaving the club at seasons end estimating his salary at $350k most likely $400k but will use the $350k. That's what $1m+ freed up.

You could also factor in Glen Fisiiahi and Suaia Matagi who could possibly be leaving at seasons end as well. Estimating a combined salary of $400k.

Plus the money the club is still playing to the likes of Nielsen and Matteo to get if the books. And the salary cap increase of $250k for next year.

So there is the potential of close to $1.5m in cap space minus 500-750k in contract upgrades. Potentially leaves the club with close to a million in cap space.
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Now we see why Dean Bell had to go. Doyle has done more in 2 weeks than dean bell did in his whole tenure at the warriors. Scurrah will go down as the greatest merchandising GM the warriors ever had. Two muppets that I'm happy have gone.

This reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys at the beginning of their Dynasty. Trading players, drafting Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Hiring Jimmy Johnson. A dynasty that brought about 3 super bowl rings in 5 years.

I get the feeling theres even more to come, possibly even a coaching change. But this could be the beginning of the golden era. fingers crossed.

Jim Doyle has shown just how mediocre the warriors front office has been all these years. We were desensitized to thinking Bodene Thompson, Chad Townsends were huge signings but now we know how crap they've have been.

Might i point out that these signings arent just good but they are specific. I believe Isaac Luke was bought for a reason, I think Doyle may look to model the warriors off the kiwis success, with power forward running and quick ruck speed that has proven to give Shaun Johnson the space and time for him to be successful. WIth that in mind Luke is the best signing we couldve made this season. The warriors have always been successful when we've had dangerous dummy half running.

Not only is Isaac a great player but he brings with him the success of winning a premiership and what it takes to get to the top consistently with the rabbitohs and now with the kiwis. Huge leadership acquisition as well.

I think we might look to get one more front row signing with rapira and lilyman at the end of their prime. And maybe an upgrade from townsend with better game management skills. Foran may still be on the cards but otherwise not sure who else can bring a good organiser.

This is just awesome. Doyle is a legit GM. I dont think he even needs to hire a recruitment manager to replace Bell. Keep doing what you're doing bro. #INDOYLEWETRUST

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Let's just hope after this and the Roger Tuivasa-Sheck signing better names keep appearing on the dart board. That way when the Mole and others speculate it will be about stars or high quality players instead of the usual fringe first graders and up and comers.

When RLW lists the top recruits for next year or rates each clubs recruting we will rate a lot higher than we have in previous years. Things are looking up.

A pity Jason Taumalolo didn't sign earlier in the year things would really be looking up. If we were going after him now we'd look a totally different proposition as a new destination.

Nah, mate.

If we'd paid all that money for Taumalolo - over a million a season was being talked about - we might not have had enough left in the kitty for Roger Tuivasa-Sheck *and* Issac Luke.

We're far, far better off with those two.

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Brilliant recruiting from Doyle so far fixes a long term problem area.

Totally. In terms of our playing roster, all our dreams are coming true this year. We now have a great pack, one which will only get better as our rookies gain experience, an ace fullback to replace the one who is leaving, and now this.

It's almost as if we say we only need to say we need something and it happens!
All we needed was an ace hooker and ... KER-POW!!!
We land one of the best, who is a Kiwi to boot.

Now all we need are some great results.

Nothing less than a Sharkie slaughterhouse this weekend, boys!
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How good is this!!? A new coach, the old guard cleaned out at the office, a new GM, Hoffman bought in. more top quality players on their way, and hopefully more to come. key players locked in for a few more years, and all in 13 months. Thank you. This is looking more and more like a well thought out strategy coming together. AND ISAAC LUKE!!!!!!! dances around the lounge again doing the happy dance :D again
the signings of both isaac luke and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck have me absolutely frothing! only negative i see is that nz have 3 match series vs england (in england) end of this season, how long a pre-season will they get with our boys to gel?
That's a fair point. Similar to Tomkins they will probably arrive for pre-season at the start of January. They will be playing late in the year so will need a rest so will most likely miss the first part of the pre season which with a lot of teams is a lot of fitness work. Arriving in January should be straight into ball work.

Love how quickly this signing happened. No leaks until the day of and that was a headline "The Warriors are close to signing". By the time you got to digest the news or speculate on the possibility of it he'd signed.

Articles comparing the Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke recruitment to the Price and Wiki recruitment. When we signed those two I remember Mark Watson saying the front row is where it starts so if we get a lot of metres we will be in most games. That soaked up a lot of our salary cap in our front row, but we got value for money out of them particularly Price. Knowing you will get a lot of go forward each week means you know you will be competitive.

They were foundation builders. These two if we get the go forward like we have been this year they would be the icing on the cake or the finishing. Some of the runs from Matulino or Lisone this year have been begging for a scoot from dummy half from a player like Luke.
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To be honest bro, the best we have looked the last couple of seasons has been with TL at 6 (Not saying it's because of him, but he was there). Two years ago he was most peoples player of the season.

A spine of Luke, Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck can afford to have TL at 6.

For me I wouldn't be looking outside for a 6, even if Chad leaves.

Yeah probably enough with TL and lolohea - just think we could look at adding mortimer or a long term prospect like martin as a depth signing that wouldn't cost a arm and leg. Im quite keen to see a similiar role for TL that he plays for the kiwis off the bench but that might not work with new interchange. I definately see Lolohea in the future plans of the club but im not sold on him as a 6 just yet... maybe another season learning the ropes of first grade in the outsides or centres. Quite a bit of food for thought.

I guess we need to remember with TL we have 4 of the 5 playmakers in the kiwis..... pretty insane potential with that.
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On the Tommy/Friendy situation with Isaac arriving, it's patently obvious that Friendy will be gone. Between Isaac, Tommy and Siliva, we're covered for hooker. What I see happening is Tommy playing off the bench in a combo hooker/lock role - as the kiwis were doing, bloody successfully - with Isaac more yah likely remaining on the field, giving us more mobility. I have ZERO doubts that Cappy and the team are well advanced into their planning to make use of the limited interchanges coming, and playing Tommy and Luke on the field at the same time is going to be deadly: gives us a chance to rest Simon and up the ante in the middle in the back end of halves.

In my opinion Tui has lock on the 5/8 role next year (though I honestly wouldn't actually mind seeing Tommy there), and I'm happy with that for a number of reasons: firstly, I have no doubts that he is gob got be a very, very good player, felt that way since his first season in the 20s. To me he is a proper league player, reads the game excellently, has insane footwork and a very good passing game. The other thing is he is going to be surrounded by world class, premiership caliber players in the spine. He won't be relied on to guide the team around, he'll only need to worry about his own game, reading the play and calling for the ball when he sees an opportunity, which will suit him to an absolute T. Let Shaun run the attack. Let him organize, let him call the plays, let him run the ship. Re more he is FORCED to get into the game, with more responsibility, the more he engages and when he does that's when he is devastating. He's got by far the best last play options of our current halves, let him use them.

I don't think it can be accurately calculated how much better our spine is going to be next year. Might go for nap and try and wake up next year.