General NRL To Scrap Holden Cup?


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i dont get it. If they scrap the under 20s comp thats a huge chunk of airtime lost for Fox, so what are they paying for? Are they bringing back a reserve grade comp? or is this just a plan to weaken NZ? Seriously if they think the total cost to clubs for an under 20s comp is $1 mill what are they paying for the rest of the club $20 mil? 40? making up imaginary figures is fun maybe i should be a CEO of a club
Be interesting to see who coaches the Blues next year. If Kirwan is there then the Warriors have a good shot of first pick from the Auckland talent pool. If its Tana however then the Blues would get first shot as a young kiwi or particularly an islander would be very likely to listen to Tanas pitch. Most Samoan guys would be in awe of him compared to remembering a name of a player who played for Canberra.
A couple of articles doing a 'where are they know' on players named in the 2008 and 2009 Holden cup team of the year. Can anyone guess which two Warrior players where named in the 2008 side and which player was named in the 2009 side.

It's amazing to read about and remember players who were expected to go onto big things but haven't.
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