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Danny weidler reported haas to Tigers 10 years 15 million!
Crazy numbers, but when a player asks out (unless they are truly weird, like Lodge, apparently) they already have their next contract lined up, so it's silly for us to think we are in the mix, Haas will have his next team just has to wait for the Broncos to concede. We did it with Addin Fonua-Blake for example.
Someone post this up please! :D

From the Matt Lodge Thread.

Matt Lodge has opened up on his exit from the Warriors, addressing explosive racism allegations against owner Mark Robinson and revealing why he turned his back on a four-year extension worth almost $3 million.

In his only interview, Lodge told News Corp he felt the need to speak out after being emotionally rocked by rumours he quit the club in protest at speculation Warriors supremo Robinson was racist.

Lodge launched a passionate defence of Robinson, who has vehemently denied making racist remarks, and lauded the business tycoon’s financial support for the Warriors.

However, he delivered his version of events following Robinson‘s claim the pair had a bust-up between “two alpha males” at a Brisbane pub last December.

The former Broncos prop claims he was on the receiving end of an unprovoked tirade from Robinson at a team function.

Lodge says he left the venue to avoid a full-blown confrontation and offered to meet with Robinson the next day to smoke the peace pipe, but claims the intended meeting to clear the air never eventuated.

That was a factor in Lodge’s decision to walk away from a four-year, $700,000-a-season Warriors extension, which he was poised to sign before the Robinson altercation convinced him he did not have a long-term future at the club.

“It was one of many things that led me to call time at the Warriors,” Lodge said, speaking for the first time since his hasty departure from the Warriors last week.

“I really can’t control what is said by others as it (Robinson’s attack) happened in front of people at a club team function.

“There was no argument.

“I said nothing back. I left the venue and ended up driving home.

“There was nothing ‘alpha’ about me there that night. I’ve learnt over time that gets you nowhere.

“I offered to meet the next day when Mark was sober for a man-to-man conversation. It’s how I would rather it was settled but he never got around to sitting down with me.

“I have no interest in disclosing the exact comments or details.

“Despite what some may think I have morals and values and I don’t get any joy whatsoever in making someone else’s life tough.

“I was very close to signing a four-year deal the Warriors offered me in the pre-season despite my family (former recruitment chief and Lodge’s father-in-law Peter O’Sullivan and his brother-in-law, halfback Sean O’Sullivan) leaving the club just months before.

“I was invested in the group of boys. And I was keen to go to New Zealand. I really enjoyed my time with the lads.”

Robinson vehemently denied racism allegations on Thursday and Lodge backed those sentiments, praising the Warriors owner for keeping the club alive.

“I can’t control what’s being said, but I will say I don’t think Mark Robinson is a racist man and I don’t want him called that or to be labelled racist. I just don’t,” Lodge said.

“What’s happened has happened. It is what it is. I’m over it.

“But I don’t want Mark being called racist. I always observe people and he’s definitely an inclusive man who I believe would give an opportunity to anyone who works hard for it. I have not seen him show any racism at all.

“Although we never got the chance to know each other that well, I respect what Mark does.

“He is a businessman who has decided to put his hand in his own pocket and fund a rugby league club that no doubt costs him a lot of money.

“That in itself is passion for the game. The game I love.

“And even if people don’t agree with everything, almost everyone should respect him for doing that for the Warriors.

“He would be sacrificing a lot of his own hard-earned money. He has stuck by them and kept all his staff employed even during this Covid period. He kept the club alive in a difficult period.

“I was going to just stay quiet but I thought I should speak up for him. He has a nice family himself and an awesome little son and the thought of him having to go to school when someone has read racism stuff about his dad upset me.

“It’s never nice for people reading about their family. It’s not fair and it’s a feeling I know.

“Despite everything that’s happened it just doesn’t sit well with me. Mark wouldn’t know this, but I do recognise the care he has for people and little things he does to help people off his own back. He’s a very passionate man.

“So I hope I can kill the racism speculation right now and it can be retracted for Mark and his family.”

Lodge only joined the Warriors last July after a mid-season release from the Broncos. In the space of 10 months, the 26-year-old played 14 games for the club and triggered an inferno of debate over his shock departure, including revelations he received a $700,000 payout from Robinson.

While stung by Robinson’s pub tirade, Lodge produced some outstanding form this season, including a barnstorming display in round 4 when he charged for 155 metres to inspire the Warriors’ 20-6 defeat of his former club Brisbane.

But with the Warriors due to return to New Zealand next month, he decided it was time to hit the eject button. It is understood Lodge was concerned at some other off-field incidents related to the treatment of Warriors teammates, which represented the final straw in him knocking back the four-year upgrade.

“It wasn’t a planned exit. I was supposed to play out the year at least. It all happened really fast,” he said.

“This time around, when I called time at the Warriors, I made the decision after learning from my last months with the Broncos.

“I wouldn’t let the boys know what was affecting me. I continued to buy in. I trained my hardest every session, I helped younger lads out and made time for the boys. I gave everything I could to try to get us a win every week.

“I’m just somewhat happy my time ended with the club with respect from the boys because at the end of the day that’s what matters to me most. It was very tough getting in front of that group and telling them I was done.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done anything wrong by Mark or his team. I was disappointed but it’s over now and I won’t hold any grudges whatsoever for what’s happened.

“But I could no longer put my body on the line and give my best for him. As mark said it (his payout) was just a business transaction. It’s a tough game. I know I always perform well when there’s more of a connection than that.

“I really do wish the Warriors all the best and I wish I did get a chance to get over to New Zealand to play some games. I’m happy my New Zealand teammates are getting home to their family and friends.

“I‘d like to thank Mark Robinson for letting me play for his team. I believe he has purchased a very special club with lots of potential and I hope he is the man that can lead them to success.”

Just days after severing ties with the Warriors, Lodge made a shock switch of codes to play second-grade rugby union in Brisbane.

The veteran of 91 first-grade games insists he has not signed with a rival NRL club — he has been linked with Manly after buying a $2.5 million home on Sydney’s northern beaches — but is hopeful of resurrecting his career in the Telstra Premiership.

“I’m just going to step away, let all the emotion die down and get myself in a calm and rational, decision-making state,” he said.

“I want to take my time and pick the right club for me, not someone I can help, but someone who can help me.

“I haven’t ticked off some goals I’ve always wanted to.

“The next decision is so important to me. It’s been a tough couple of years mentally. I want to get this one right.

“If that takes a bit longer that’s OK … I’ll be training regardless.”
We are doomed as a club with Robinson at the helm, his ego is way too big - he shouldn't be getting pissed at club functions and calling out players. That should be done in private, probably with the coach and player, not when your full of piss and misplaced confidence.
It sounds like it's not just the club function stuff either...... Fuck me, this isn't park footy. Show some professionalism.

This is so shit! I love this club, but I'll struggle to back it when it's run/owned by an outspoken fuckwit.
Just musing, If the club actually came out with the truth - they would have saved themselves 500k and probably less of a PR clusterfuck.
Robinson would probably have had to reflect a little and may have had second thoughts about attending future club functions, or at least drinking at them.
Win win in my book.
I find the hero complex behind Robinson ownership pretty gross.
He's not saving the club at all - The NRL would keep it afloat no matter what because of the value the Warriors provide with TV right.

I haven't seen our brand this poor since the Tainui ownership was on it's way out
I find the hero complex behind Robinson ownership pretty gross.
He's not saving the club at all - The NRL would keep it afloat no matter what because of the value the Warriors provide with TV right.

I haven't seen our brand this poor since the Tainui ownership was on it's way out
I hope our recruitment makes it out alive. At least when Cleary left he took players we didn't care too much about anyway. But this time POS has taken some goodies.

You're right we represent TV revenue for them. Nothing more.
I'm starting to think Matt lodge was paid out to stay quiet and change the narrative. There's no logical reason why we paid him out for next year. Is mark Robinson a racist asshole?
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Where has the racist remarks come from initially? Lodge is saying Robinson isn’t racist - was something said that indicates he is a racist and Lodge is trying to cover up so he gets that fat pay out?

Crazy if the Shaun Johnson rumour is true about trying to oust Brown. Mate you’ve got 2 years left to create a bit of a legacy for your self and you f**k it up with shit like this?

I really hope it’s a crock of shit. So many fans have been calling for Brownies head - looks like he never really had a chance
That whole player revolt is nonsense. Shaun Johnson has some balls given that the when he left Players and senior players at that called Shaun Johnson out for being a moody player with lack of passion for the team during big occasions and tough times.

Until it comes out we will go around in circles. The common denominator is Robinson. Every one is moving independent of each other but turn for the defence of the Robinson.

Seems like he is a glory boy, out of his depth, and now under scrutiny is being shown up as amatuer. He comes across as kind of a. Business bully.
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