Gameday Nrl Rnd 13 Warriors Vrs Storm

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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# Player T Pts TA LB TB OFF Ta MT/IT Pos DR H/M K/M AR/M E P

Player Statistics

# Player T Pts TA LB TB OFF Ta MT/IT Pos DR H/M K/M AR/M E P
Gameday thread for Warriors games. Post your thoughts/discussion/news as the day and game unfolds. Scores/Stats update every 5mins during the game.
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Discuss gameday on here guys.

If you are able to, get on the chat during the game and see what other warriors fans are talking bout.

Warriors 30 - Storm 22
FTS - Tupou
MoM - Maloney

Bet tip : Warriors 1-12, total game points = over ;)
So excited for this one that I didn't even sleep and woke up at 6am feeling fresh as a daisy! I'd love to know how we react to krisnan Inu's performances as a collective group, because at the moment we look a bit sheepish letting him go.

Warriors have this one by 8, 28-20, FTS Fish, MoM Johnson
Bugger it all, I won't make it down for the game - stuck with watching it on the telly. Here's hoping there's the alternative commentary option on Sky this time. Got fingers crossed that Manu's going to pull out a blinder - full confidence that he will... [insert standard tui billboard ending]. MOM whoever owns Slater in the kick chases.


Storm warning? there is a hurrelcane coming!!
I'm surprisingly very confident today although there is that little niggle of doubt in the back of my mind. be a close game. 1-12 either way. hopefully in warrriors favour. first try = hurrelcane. mom = freddy mateo
Showing my faith in the boys with my Fantasy NRL team. I've got Konrad, Shaun and Benry, and benched Cameron Smith for this one. I even put the Captains "C" on Konrad. Don't let me down boys.

FTS Mara
Manu to get a double
Feleti to finally give us a good showing, and throw a few off-loads.
Mannering to shut Billy down at every turn.
Fish to save a try.

Warriors 26 - 10
I do believe this side can beat the storm...but this weekend? I'm not too sure.

Melbourne 22
Warriors 16

FTS - O'Neill
MOM - Cronk
I'm in exactly the same mind set as I was for the Broncos game. How could we quite possible beat this team that's in form Loaded with stars... Minus Locke & Friend? (Forget luck he hasn't played & will prolly do a pricey & won't play again)
So all I can do is keep the faith & let the crowd ride the boys home.

Warriors 22-16
Fts #TheBeast <-he's gonna have a massive game!
Please play for 80 minutes Warriors, the way we let the Tigers game go was as frustrating as the previous Melbourne game. I reckon a couple of our guys that have been getting a bit of stick the last couple of games are gonna pull finger and produce some magic stuff, namely The Fish and The Beast. Johnson to remind Melbourne just who the hell he is again.

Warriors 1-12, 21-16 (field goal to break late deadlock, then a try to seal it at the death).
FTS - Tupou
MOM - Johnson
FTS Neilson
MOM Mateo-way overdue
Warriors 28-14

Just watching preview, Mateo and Sammy saying Russell is the most vocal of the current forwards.


Im guessing there's no gameday thread on this site. Hurrell scoring a try a game ATM?
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