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Love watching the PNG defence. You can tell those tackles sting. Its not just the odd one either, its the norm. Cookies will be sleeping in ice baths after the game...
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Are these games online anywhere? I looked in the usual places and cant find nothing. Reddit says it being streamed on facebook, but nobody said who was streaming...
He's not exactly screaming for a Firstgrade recall based on his performance so far, Higano isn't really impressing either
Funnily enough I think it's Mick Ennis (or Kimmorely) wanking on about how Lolohea was such a fantastic player.. said that Lolohea would be showcasing his skills tonight. Sure is. Doesn't like contact on defence!
Yeah tui is crap. Going for the long cut out pass 1 out of 3 worked. Soft lazy defender.
Hingano not getting the ball on the other side forwards controlling it that side.
Disappointed mason Lino not playing for Samoa. It would have been good to watch the Tonga game followed by Samoa and compare tui v ata v mason.
Nrl CEO interview half time is going come down hard on the 2 kiwi coke takers is job/kp