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They had a good point on Radio Sport the Warriors haven't made the play offs since 2011 so in 2014 when the 9s sold out they were coming off a poor 2013.

The other years 2015 and 2016 they were also coming off poor seasons. Sure the club took it a bit more serious then but look at Penrith sent over some rookies and reserve graders and made the finals.

There are a number of reasons for the attendance falling.
  • Novelty wearing off.
  • Less hype or marketing being put into it.
  • Ticket prices.
  • Other events on the same weekend competing for peoples discretionary spending.
  • Lack of stars from some clubs.
  • Stars being heavily advertised the last few years and then not turning up to play.
Some of this also rests with Duco especially the marketing and ticket prices.

2014 was sold out and a lot of people commented on the value for money compared to the 7s and the prices were reasonable. I remember the following year reading comments about the prices going up.

It is a bit funny hearing Lonergan blame one club and now saying it will most likely move. The NRL was saying that before the event.
I don't get why you have to buy both days to the 9's. Why can you have aSaturday pass for $x, Sunday pass for $x + $15-20 or a two day pass for Saturdays ticket price x2?
I had a friend who was coming up as part of a group from the Bay of Plenty. He could only make the Saturday and the GNR concert but was mentioning to me just that. Basically for ones day entertainment he needed to buy the two days.

It probably helps and is easier from Duco's point of view in terms of selling the tickets but there will be cases of people only going to be able to make one day either the first or want to make the second for the finals. Two whole days is a lot to ask for people this day and age so flexibility with tickets would help.

On the concerts there has been a few weekends where the 9s have had a concert on the same weekend. Big music acts aren't typically cheap so a lot of people would make a choice. They also are usually 2 hours plus travelling time or maybe a bit longer depending on if you are interested in the support act or decide to get in early to get a good position.

But Duco need to remember they are in competition with those events.

It would be pretty rare for a promoter to admit fault it will always be something else. To me with all of the work they had to do to convince the NRL and the clubs for 2014 and the short time frame they had to turn it around they did a fantastic job marketing it and getting people interest. The players all loved their time here that week leading up to it which also would of helped with the late ticket sales. After that it looks to me like they made some mistakes with marketing/ticket prices and options and also probably thought it would just sell out and lost a bit of focus on the 9s.
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Fuck Lonergan he's always talked a big game and put the blame elsewhere, how the fuck is it the Warriors fault that the 9's is a dead duck, idiot. Heres the thing Deano you had us for the first 2 years but people will only pay $9 for a shit beer and $10 for a burger once, twice at the most. Fuckoff to Aussie and screw them over ya big mouth tool.
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I doubt it ever gets back to 35,000+ even if the warriors are good.

Can go see the woe-woes every 2nd weekend during the autumn and winter months if you live near Auckland, they aren’t a special attraction.

If you’re going for the party – its not that much fun to party in a stadium, it’s okay, but a hard plastic seat and crap, overpriced beer does not make you real fired up to go back the next year (speaking from 7s experience not 9s)

IN THEORY it’s the lure of seeing stars from all 16 clubs and high quality footy, but a good half of them send token teams, and even the ones that look good on paper manage their guys. How many minutes did Anthony Milford play this year?

It still comes off better than the 10s though, they had the gall to label that a good start, horrible rugby in stupid conditions between players barely anyone had heard of.
There's probably a bit of truth to that statement. Our crowds at Mt Smart fluctuate wildly depending on how the teams has been doing.

The team we sent to the nines was pretty ordinary and didn't help our case. I think we have missed a trick as I think it's has helped awareness of the game in nz.
That being said I can understand given our track record at the start of season that they would try new things. Duco haven't really done anything to improve the tournament and nz sporting crowds are very fickle in general.

The problem with his statement is he puts no onus on events prior.

The Warriors made the final of the Nines last year