Did you pay any attention to the controversy that surrounded the Australian teams sledging in India last year? Even that has its limits and the world is tiring of that as well. The offending word in India was dickhead. Wonder what the cricketing world would have made of Montoya's 'sledge' if uttered on the pitch.

Anyway, I think there is a difference between hate speech or insult and a sledge. These days people like to use one as a euphemism for the other. Sledges are supposed to be clever and witty. Montoya's 'sledge' was neither...
It did happen on the cricket field in 2019 and Joe Roots response was brilliant. I think all sports will not tolerate it nowadays

Gabriel made a comment to Root during the third Test in Saint Lucia that was not audible to television viewers.

But according to British broadcaster Sky Sports, Root was heard replying to Gabriel: "Don't use it as an insult. There's nothing wrong with being gay".
Why would they ban a player for speaking? You are clutching as silly straws with that weak argument.

Do you think what Montoya said is acceptable? Homophobic insults are much as hate speech as racism. Do you think its acceptable to call Japanese gooks? You cant seriously be stupid enough to think that saying such things is acceptable and that punishing it is 'soft'?

Slippery slope lol. The only on a slippery slope is bigotry...
Didn’t say I condoned the comment or there should not be repercussions. A fine maybe, but not a 4 week ban. What I am saying is that to be consistent, the NRL have to penalize anyone whose speech or actions offend a group of their viewers. Is that where we are going, or is it only the gay community that matter? It becomes a slippery slope.
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It seems people here still refuse to read the forum rules already posted here.

Racism, homophobia, sexism or oppressive comments of any sort will not be tolerated in this forum.

Making a joke inferring the above falls into that category. No more warnings. Holidays for people who think it's ok.
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Yes fair enough the NRL come down on him as this sort of stuff is not needed anywhere. I have gay friends and relatives. They do not need this sort of crap. But it has come out today Adam Blair says it was right to do something about it, but 4 weeks is way too harsh. Yes the ban is way too harsh. A fine would have been a better result, But the main problem was Montoya is a Warriors player. If he played for any other club I am sure it would have been just a fine. Look at the Nathan Cleary tackle. He was let off with no fine or suspension because he plays for the Panthers, If it was a Warriors player in the same situation, the Warriors player would have been given a suspension for sure. It's just how the NRL is. If you are a Warriors player you automatically get the highest ban available. Look at Reece Walsh,, he was originally handed a 2 week ban for drugs, and the other players from other clubs were only given 1 week. But it is not just the Warriors that get shafted, The Kiwi's always loose players leading up to a test match with the Kangaroos' yet a Kangaroo player is always let off for a worse incident than the Kiwi's players.
Look at Reece Walsh,, he was originally handed a 2 week ban for drugs, and the other players from other clubs were only given 1 week.
He was caught red handed by the police where as the Storm were seen in a video on social media. Walsh was given the leniency to serve that ban concurrently with his on field suspension. Had that ever happened to anyone else prior? Seems like some favourable special treatment