General NRL Betting Scandal e-Mail


It's ok to ask mate. I know the names myself.

Can't stop individuals passing on information they have so long as it stays off the site.

How about a link to another site? I mean, if they are dumb enough to let it stand we're only maybe following it, maybe reading it, and definitely not talking about it, right?
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How about a link to another site? I mean, if they are dumb enough to let it stand we're only maybe following it, maybe reading it, and definitely not talking about it, right?

I'm not sure where we'd stand there, PB. I just don't want *us* to get in any trouble.


It won't let me abuse Ricky Stuart either. Shame.

Both good reasons not to have the betting scandal stuff posted here.


Ha. I can't even remember the name of the poster that caused the problems. I was a mere lurker then.


MS, if the names and circumstances being mentioned are correct then the game is in for a hiding, kiwi or not.

I just hope the rabbit hole the police are looking at doesn't go down too far, or merge with other holes. Bank accounts are funny things, and the taxman is edgy enough post-Storm.
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Magic Stick_old

Getting tired of all sensational stories...nothing is a shock or surprise these days in the game.Thats why i say who cares

Cap breaches
Poos in a corridor
Gang Bangs
Underage sex
Beating up GF's
Betting scandals

Game will survive cause the on field product is so good


Oh the game will survive for sure, MS.

But we don't really need people to think that the game they are watching is occasionally rigged by the players. That's a slippery slope that gets the game nowhere, as opposed to where it wants to be.


Got to be a fake....aussies are work shy at the best of times, no one will be around to hand out these bans on a bank holiday.
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NRL says betting probe emails and texts are bogus

By Peter Badel
October 01, 2010
The National Rugby League has labelled a slew of electronic material linked to the alleged North Queensland Cowboys-Canterbury-Bankstown betting plunge as "bogus" and dismissed rumours it would issue life bans to perpetrators 24 hours after the grand final.
NRL operations chief Graham Annesley dismissed the texts and emails and scuppered suggestions the governing body was set to rock the code by issuing life bans.
"There is nothing to it as far as we know in relation to all the allegations that are in those texts and emails," he said.
The continuing police investigation into suspicious betting activity on the round-24 clash has sparked a torrent of damaging text messages and emails that are sweeping the rugby league industry.
Almost identical in content, the viral texts and emails claim up to eight people - including three Cowboys players - are facing fines or life bans for their alleged involvement in an attempted sting on the North Queensland-Bulldogs match.
Staff at the Courier-Mail have been swamped with an unprecedented number of allegations, most highly defamatory to players and other league identities.
One text message reads in part: "Hot off the press boys, 6 players and 1 manager will get a life ban on Monday for match-fixing in the NRL . . . 3 from Cowboys, 2 Bulldogs and a Storm player."
The message then reveals the identity of seven individuals. For legal reasons, the names cannot be published.
The content has become so widely circulated that it is believed to be factual.
NSW State Crime Command detectives have obtained the material and there were suggestions the code was bracing for the NRL and police to deliver its findings the day after the grand final.
But Annesley said the NRL had not discussed handing out life bans on Monday.
"The fact the (email) says we're going to hand out life bans after the grand final just demonstrates that the email is completely bogus. It's simply not true," he said.
"What I can absolutely guarantee you is that we've had no internal discussions about any action whatsoever because we don't know what the police are going to find.
"Until we get something back from the police, either that they are doing something or doing nothing, we're not in a position to discuss any internal action."
Annesley said he was well aware of the emails.
"It's a sign of the times, these viral emails spread like wildfire," he said.
"Where did it start from? Who knows, but it certainly hasn't come from anyone who knows anything. Until the police hand down their finding, we're all in the dark."
The Courier-Mail previously revealed police investigators have identified persons of interest in the NRL betting saga.
Detectives will begin quizzing Cowboys players, but it is understood many will be interviewed as potential witnesses rather than key suspects.
Racing NSW chief steward Ray Murrihy, who has tabled a report to the NRL, said he was also aware of the electronic gossip surrounding the probe.
"I've seen the texts but until the police make some announcement I'm not sure where these rumours can take you."
Asked if the names in the texts and email were accurate, Murrihy said: "I'm not prepared to say who is or isn't involved.",8659,27817204-23214,00.html?from=public_rss


Anyone interested should check out this
Sydney Morning Herald link.

Some of the facts are that one of Ryan Tandys close friends and also his manger were seen on cctv footage placing bets.Note this intself is not illegal and those are just facts, for the the safety of this site let's not cross a line and speculate on what those facts mean


Was just watching the news and a news alert poped up saying the police are going to hold a news conference soon about the nrl betting scandal


ehh, nothing interesting, they are just looking for some guy who placed the first bet.