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Morgan Harper is exactly the type of player I would hate to have on the warriors

Who doesn't want a useless player that looks like a pug?

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The Fox is still struggling after that accidental forward lands on side of neck that the commentary thought was milking
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So after 3 rounds Manly look like their resilient selfs, the Dogs, cowboys and knights are significantly better, Broncos will be competitive and the Raiders still on par and gritty.

That’s leaves the warriors and titans as shithouse still
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I know we all expectedly it but TPJ resorts to his ‘not really interested’ form the week after turning in a huge effort against us. Addo-Carr has done nothing but look stupid these past few game’s.

And always remember if your life seems dull and is!
Bitter sweet for the dogs.

Why in the hell aren't they using their cap to buy a spine.....Duffy was the best of their hideous spine.
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