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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I can't see Walsh taking a bench spot with Harris out. We will need the 4 fowards rotation. Hopefully siro starts at 13 and Jazz to the Bench. Walsh to play wing and berry to centre (just not the same side please)
I'd lean the other way & says he's more likely now with Tohu Harris out. If Roger Tuivasa-Sheck got injured mid game then Berry would have to go there with no game time in the position in a year & Sironen to Centre to cover. If Sean O'Sullivan or Nikorima got injured then the only player that fill in would also be Sironen.
Have Walsh on the bench covers those events without moving multiple players around
Bellamy has no clue who he's up against and neither do we until they run out, we might be witnessing a level of 3D coaching we've never seen at the Warriors if we pull this off with Walsh and Rocco and the worst injury list I've ever seen.

I can't tell if we're in crisis or it's the dawn of a new dynasty, but neither can the opposition and that's when we always catch them by surprise, good work Browny.
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Line up has hades of the 2016 game against the dragons following the sleeping pills

2019 Anzac Day had a few debutants as well... Herbert and Perham

No pressure on the boys may help. Looking forward to this one
What a game against the dragons that was, half the team dropped and the most prominent memory I have was thinking “holy hell shaun lane is a tall kent!”
Like most I’ll be happy with a tight loss, I am however, expecting a solid game from Rocco. No dumb errors, no superhero shit and hopefully (if he is made to play on the wing) he gets on the end of a few shifts and finishes well. Warriors by 8
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And the storm have dropped a few games this year , they are a lot more beatable without camsmith
This 🙌 It’s the Storms game to lose. So the pressure and occasion is on them. They’re not the formidable side as years past. For some reason I just got a feeling we will pull an upset apopo even with our injuries/outs. Would be a different story if SK was still at the reins tho
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Rumor has it that the Doc is going to do a comprehensive intensive interview of Fusitua for fitness before kick off.

I have the full transcipt as follows:

" Mr Fusitua....are you recovered from your busted arse?"
Delayed concussion symptoms
Have suffered this before when having a night out in town but doc said it was a condition called Beer Goggles
Give him a break, hes got an ovary strain as well
Fusitua injury update: Feelings hurt
Is Ken out for this game too? WTF is going on with our injuries. What a mountain to climb now. I'd be happy with a 10 point loss given our current state- keeps us in the 8.