Post Match NRL 2021 - Round 7 - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors Orange Peeler
NRL 2021 - Round 7 - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion
Melbourne Storm vs New Zealand Warriors
AAMI Park, Melbourne


Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 7 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Melbourne Storm after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the coach, captain, starting team, bench, opposition, game tactics, substitutions, errors (or lack thereof), penalties (or lack thereof) highs, lows, refs etc.

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I think Brown saw this game as a throwaway, Gus said in the prior game that this is how we trained all week. I honestly think we need Walsh in the team for our attack, but Rog really needs to be at fullback for obvious reasons as we saw tonight such as organising the defence and last line. I would like to see Walsh in the halves swinging round on both sides of the field playing at 6. Has a decent kicking game, great vision and speed.

Really not fussed about the rest of what happened, that was expected even though it was pure swiss cheese. Just too many new combinations in defence against a classy attacking side such as Melbourne.

Onto next week, hopefully Walsh to cut up the Cows D line.
I was probably more optimistic than most heading into tonight, but even though we had 40+ put on us I'm not too upset.

Pros - Walsh is an attacking weapon, this guy must be in at 6 next week. Attack overall was pretty good, putting 4 tries on the Storm is not easy. Ben Murdoch-Masila big mongrel energy off the pine.

Cons - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck at wing is a waste, particularly defensively, and he should move back next week. Niko was terrible. Berry is in desperate need of more gametime and I don't expect to see him in first grade for a while.

If we can harness the attack from tonight and get a couple of regulars back, I expect us to handle the cows with ease.
Wasn't expecting a win. More the usual struggle on ANZAC Day.

Had some good periods but got out muscled and burnt for speed.

Glad we didn't get 50 put on us. No team has won a premiership after conceding 50 points so we're still a chance.............................a slim.......................................slime one.
Pretty much what I expected.

Our backline and spine I would put in the bottom 8 at full strength let alone missing half our starting pack and a makeshift backline.

If we were facing a team as depleted as we were we'd all be livid if we didn't beat them by 20 so tbh I can't be upset.

Walsh made such a difference in attack though. Speed changes the game and as much as I love Roger Tuivasa-Sheck I've been saying for awhile that this type of FB is one far suited to the direction POS is taking our roster.

Now we just need some proper speed on the edges a more well rounded hooker and a halves pairing that is actually strong defensively as well as capable of taking good attacking options and maybe...just maybe....we'll be in a position to upset the status quote.
Positives: reece walsh was awesome to watch. Still very young and lots to learn on defence. also think he would be a waay better half than nikorima. Tom ale was tough to handle.

negatives: we lost that game before the ball even kicked off With all those positional changes. Berry is far from ready and dont think he has the drive or doesnt seem hungry enough to be in first grade. nikorima needs to go next year. Egan is not starting hooker material! Absolute shocking display from the team but storm were clinical. They would have beaten any team tonight. They were that good!