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Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
NRL 2021 Round 5 - Warriors vs Manly TEAM LIST


NZWF Official thread for the 2021 Round 5 Warriors team list and discussion...

The official team list will be posted as soon as it becomes available...


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Jul 13, 2013


1st Grade Fringe
Feb 24, 2013
Plus a half back hey.

We are truly going to have to win in survival mode, I do not care how bad Manly are, that is a serious loss of personnel.
Yea I think people are forgetting how hard we have been hit with injuries. If you took 3 props, their halfback and 2 starting centres out of a team surely you back the opposition regardless of how they are?


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Jul 12, 2013
Article about Reece Walsh has us short on front rowers with Jamayne Tounua-Brown suspended, Addin Fonua-Blake injured and looks like Afoa will be suspended for a week.

Unfortunately for the Warriors though Walsh can’t play prop, as the club are in dire need of players for that position now. Addin Fonua-Blake picked up a knee injury in the 32-12 loss to the Roosters on Sunday, Jamayne Taunoa-Brown has one more game to serve in his three-match ban for a crusher tackle. Stuff understands Bunty Afoa has decided to take the early guilty plea for his shoulder charge on Sam Walker on Sunday. By doing so, he’ll accept a one-game ban, rather than fighting it and risk being out for two weeks.



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Apr 14, 2012
Yep, going with only the two props. Beats my Only Pick 4 Team from 2011.


Team otherwise same as bangbros18.


May 21, 2013
Assume Addin Fonua-Blake, Afoa and one out of Jazz and Bayley (he ends up in a sling after every game, what the hell is that?) are unavailable, they can play as many ducks and drakes with Harris numbering as they want, he’s going to have to play big minutes at prop this week, the rest are all injured, suspended or won't last long minutes

8. Ah Mau
10. Harris
11. Murchie
12. Ben Murdoch-Masila
13. Sironen/Tevaga

14. Evans (whatever reconditioning they have been doing, he needs to play this week)
15. Ale
16. Katoa (more to give Murchie a go than anything, and give Ben Murdoch-Masila some more minutes from the start)
17. Petterson-Robati gets a out of nowhere debut?

Curran and Frei are the other forwards we have, but didn’t play in NSW cup this weekend, while Ale, Evans and Robati did, not sure what that says.

Don’t really care what they do with the backline. They should drop a winger, but there’s no one to come in.
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May 21, 2015
1.Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
4. Montoya
5. Maumalo
6. Nikorima
7. Sean O'Sullivan
8. Ah Mau
9. Egan
10. Ale
11. Murchie
12. Sironen
13. Harris
14. Tevaga
15. Ben Murdoch-Masila
16. Evans
17. Katoa

Fusitua needs to sit down regardless of injuries. Katoa needs a break from starting, having very little impact and starting to look like a warriors version of Papalii. Give the young fella a start in the front row and spell him with Evans to bring in some experience. Think Siro must be carrying and arm or shoulder injury as he is always in a sling.

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