Post Match NRL 2021 - Round 4 - Roosters vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00
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That referee as some one posted 10 six agains to Roosters 2 to us.

The possession was too much Roosters too little Warriors.

You cant compete without the ball.
Can we stop blaming the ref. An even penalty count doesn't mean a good reffing display. If anything it means a poor one unless both teams seem to be exactly balance.

Roosters were fast and energetic so it is hardly suprising they got more 6 agains. They earnt it!
One of our coaches after the game said our tactics was to put 2 in the tackle with the game being faster. It was a clash of tactics that failed for us. He said they would need to relook at it going forward.
Tbh looking at our draw i think the next several weeks are going to be pretty good for us, however if we think the same tactics we'll roll out against the Cowboys or Bronco's and co will do us the job against Melbourne or Roosters......we'll never progress past mid table.

Seems to be a theme of satisfaction that at least we're better than Manly, Cowboys blah blah......hopefully thats not the yardstick Brownie and co are aiming for.
With Tupou making a beeline from his wing, I don’t know why he didn’t head for that corner instead of heading for the posts. Easier said than done at full speed id imagine.
With Tupou covering hard if Kodi had managed to drop Roger back on the inside it was over rover, Tupou wouldntve been able to recover......but as u say split second stuff at full tit......not easy.

Kodi been getting a bit of greif for not scoring but he commited for the line, just got run down by a couple of experienced wingers who saw the danger early and reacted fast enough to shut it down.

Remember thinking at the time......i wonder if Ken and Fusitua wouldve had the intuition to see the play unfolding early like Morris and Tupou did and react accordingly.......somehow i dont think they wouldve even been in the picture.
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Ever Hopeful

Everyone writing off Manly next week has me worried.

Really worried

They lost to panthers, roosters, rabbits and dragons.

They could be the game that kicks starts their season

Add to that we have a 5 day turn around, are walking wounded, and probably quite fatigued after that game.

If I was a Manly fan, I'd be feeling a hell of a lot more confident than I was yesterday morning
Don‘t believe dropping Fusitua or Ken as a kick up the backside is going to make a difference. These guys just aren’t equipped to handle the way the game is being played by the top half dozen sides in the comp.

If not for lengthy contracts I could see them both playing Super League, the gap between what these guys bring and what‘s required now from wingers is only getting wider.
Geez alot of your posts on here are heavily slanted in the negative/i know everything about every up and coming player but damn youve gone and thrown the baby out with the bath water on this latest one.

“Literally bad in every single aspect”....seriously calm it down bro. We were soundly beaten by a team stacked with class who despite their injury toll have a roster half the comp would dream of having. They dominated all aspects and to have a chance against sides like the Roosters you have to be pretty much perfect...tonight we werent.

Throwing out the “we are shit” shit is so OTT. I get the frustration but damn son walk away from the edge...its not like we lost to the Cowboys or Dogs...its the bloody Roosters
Yeah and all your posts lately are all "stop commenting bad things about my favourite players, all the pessimism on this forum is affecting me, I'm happy with being mediocre blah blah".

Fair enough if you want to keep the rose tinted glasses on, but if you get so easily triggered by reading a negative opinion about this team then i suggest staying off the forum.

And we were bad in every aspect. I don't what know what game you were watching. Every team in the eight would've beaten that Roosters side, stop putting them on a pedestal. But oh well at least we're not the Cowboys aye.
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