General NRL 2021 Round 4 - General Discussion

Brian To’o is the type of winger we want. The big slow winger is no longer a thing.
Yup, Ken lacks acceleration and any kind of agility, Fusitua is agile scoring tries on the sideline but runs straight at defenders, can out leap players catching the ball in his red zone but can’t out leap the opposition to score in theirs.

Not much Ken can do, he‘s pretty much playing to his potential most weeks, Fusitua doesn’t play to his - both frustrating players for differing reasons. Neither overly quick.

Brian To’o does everything a winger should without limitations. In the time we‘ve rolled out the “Beast” then the “Mini Beast“ wingers have evolved considerably.
Doggies doing it tough. Flanagan is a bit of a dub buy by the looks of it. Couldn't even be bothered trying to run down Reynolds after his kick got charged down.
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Hard to believe that Doggies cannot find the tryline yet Barrett is a renowned attack coach.
In 2019 Penny could roll up field, then they would have 50 odd tackles in the opp's 20 looking rudderless all game. Then in 2020 Barrett came onboard and put the cherry on top basically with his coaching of Cleary and Luai.

By all accounts he is a quality assistant, but that may be where it stops much like SK.