General NRL 2021 Round 4 - General Discussion

Ever Hopeful

The problem for the Cowboys is that they have got around a third of their cap on 3 players, ones forever injured and another is a winger who they are making play fullback. Their other 3 high priced players, McGuire, Hess and McLean are in no form at all.
It gunna take quite a few years for them to turn it around because their young players comming through dont look like 1st grade material.

I believe Morgan is about to be medically retired, which is a tiny light at the end of tunnel.

I reckon Taumalolo and the Cows will agree to part ways for the good of each other.

Taumalolo is worth the money, but not when everything else is so far out of whack. An Ivan Cleary Penny Panthers type clear out is needed.
Why is the ‘flop’ never penalised or given a set restart these days? Players are pretty good at arriving and joining the tackle in that minute window after it’s been completed - esp the big body forwards and the ref always seems to let it go?!?
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