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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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We really Hiku’d up the website there for a minute!
seriously though.
B- from me but I gave it a C.
solid platform and defence. Not much spark apart from Ben Murdoch-Masila with ball in hand.
did we formulate and plan our attacking fifth tackle play options during the week? Cos I didn’t see anything that posed a question.
we actually might choke out a few teams to get close to the 8 with this game plan - but honestly we’ll always lose to a team with more strike and we are going to score so few points we’ll lose a few (like this one) that we should a/ could a won.
I think I’d rather finish 10th and beat the Bunnies and Melbs in a season cause we take risks in our attack than finish 9th and have beaten no one in the top 8.
We criticised Johnson for not running only fair that Nikorima should be questioned why he doesn't run. It shouldn't need a bet from one of the assistant coaches.

Chanel Harris-Tavita got lucky with the brain explosion kicking on the second tackle.

That was a costly miss from Hiku.

The penalty before half time also made things difficult keeping them up by 2.
Can't disagree with you there.
Only watched from halftime so cannot comment on about the entire game. Thought we were doing ok second half. We just lack any attacking nous, though the move for the try to Ken was good. Our support play structure is non existent, and line running non existent like it has been for so long. Pompey is a good fill in but I'd be looking to play Perham in the centres to see what he brings.

We did ok. Sure some dumb moments at key times but that is a reality check of where we are despite the forward changes in the off-season.

We still miss leadership and we need someone who talks in that role for next season.
Good to see we have gone back to Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and wingers doing the hit ups, both bunty and big Ben did good but I must have had more then the two beers that I poured as I don't remember our forwards hitting the line hard and bending it, if we had the forward effort from last week we would have won and don't get me started on the poor handicapped Ref that has 1 eye and is a bit retarded.
FMD that was a game I need to forget.
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Harris can create when he has guys running off him. Although I like the momentum he gives us in the middle when we get into the opposition 20 we need guys running with him,

Also need to quicken things up in the opposition 20. Nikorima is meant to be quick over short distances. Either get him running off some one or at least take on the line.

We need to get more shape to move the ball and create space. We had a lot of hit ups in the opposition 20.
Someone alluded to it earlier, but it just makes no sense to me what a shambles our place kicking is. It seems like we roll a dice as to who will take the kickoffs every game.

Case in point - bring in Pompey, let him kick it, and promptly boots it out on the full. Real smooth brain stuff.

Chanel Harris-Tavita needs to do leg day in the gym too, his kicks desperately need more height and length.
Did we do well to get that close?

I don't believe the knights are a top side and we absolutely butchered that opportunity for 2 points. Our halves couldn't drive a Ford Prefect. No clues, no kicking game and nothing in the red zone playbook.

With our pack we should be scoring every time we get down there, either though pure power, out the back moves, short ball to the back rower, dummy running or a cut out ball to a winger. We remain clueless.

I'm sorry but I will be glad to see the back of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, he offers nothing in attack to this side. He should be playing prop. Good luck at the Blues Rog.

I can't even remember who played in the 2nd row today. Was Sironen there and who played lock? Jazz needs the DCM, guy has no smarts and is a total liability. The sooner we get a backup hooker to Egan the better.

We had them on the ropes but couldn't make the killer punch plus who's decision was it to give Pompey the kicking duties. Chanel Harris-Tavita, Kodi got injuries?
Glad it's early in the season cause they need to get their shit together by at least round 7 if they want to play finals footy.. actually looking forward Raiders Chooks and Storm .. should tell us if we're worthy to be there or not..
Thought we looked fit and were coming home stronger which deserves praise since we are usually criticised for our fitness. That points mute now as we lost and the main stat is the score line.

It could be a long season expecting 80 minutes from Egan every week. It's a tough ask, his service start crisp but as the game went on and we got into a grind we were seeing less creativity from him. That could be the guys giving him less to work with.

Having someone to share the load every few weeks would help.
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I just didn't get the game plan. If we play up the middle, cool, but we need our halves and fullback sniffing around the ball rather than having a standing nap out wide.

It would be nice to spread the ball at least once a set though so that the defence are hedging their bets rather than choosing their marks. Not enough bodies in motion. Shaun Johnson used to be able to put away average players like Bodene Thompson, and is doing it now with Nikora as a link man with his second row partner. That is missing here despite having some great second rowers who should be our absolute weapons.

Once again we look like a 6-10th place team. The Knights do too. There is enough in our favour to be a thorn in the side of a lot of teams, but the execution of a more sophisticated game plan will be the difference between 6th and 10th. Without an improvement from the spine it could be uglier.

I really like the idea of Bunty to close the game out as a 60-80min specialist. Still some great stuff from the engine room. Some luck went our way last week, but not this week. We weren't far away from an ugly, but important win. Damn that Tevaga penalty, the Nikorima high shot and the Maumalo high ball. Captain fantastic's shovel on to Fusitua to get bundled in to touch is a repeat example of his lack of ball skills and it hurt us. Losing Aitken was a big deal. He gets himself in good positions and Pompey was average.

The next few weeks will set the scene for the year. As always round 6 will be a good indicator of whether we have turned a corner.

Last thing is that we looked like a team coached by Kearney. Minus the hookers.
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I think we should try to not be melodramatic. We had a slow start but eventually we got into the grind of the game and were beginning to wear the Knights down physically. I actually thought over the entirety of the game, our pack won the battle.

The game really came down to execution- I really thought we dominated the second half but the two chances the Knights had came from our own mistakes- Roger Tuivasa-Sheck messing up a bomb and Ken deciding to let the ball bounce. The knights took both those chances with open arms and that was the difference. This was far from a horrible performance. Enough to build on.
understand that... but as you said "the entirety of the game, our pack won the battle" and we did not win is a worry

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