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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Are you throwing Josh Reynolds’ name in the mix?
Buy 1 reynolds get 1 free? I know Adams gone, i was just wishful thinking, as in if they aint going with Shaun Johnson, who else is there.

Speaking of, is that $2m+ over 3 years, ie $700k PA? Surely not, I thought he wanted $2m for a single year. I guess the Broncs do not have a heavy salary cap.
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Okay, here’s my thoughts without watching a replay.

When Ben Murdoch-Masila got sent off, I actually thought it was a smart play even though it earned him time in the Bin. Some of you will probably remember a game against the Bulldogs at MtS when Locke ran down Barber after a line break. Locke got rolled of Barber because he made no attempt to hold Barber down, a quick PTB, two passes latter and the Bulldogs were in under the posts and we lost the game. Ben Murdoch-Masila was either going to give away a penalty at least plus earn a rest in the Bin but either way, he would have earnt the team more time too get players back into the defensive line.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck amazed me with his run make inside and an pivoting enough not to throw a forward pass to Murchie for his try. Although gassed in the second half (20 minutes down to 12 didn’t help), the line Murchie ran to get on the outside instead of staying on the inside caused that try.

Egan’s try showed just how scared Wests were of Walsh and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck when they stacked their defence to our left, Kodi saw it and put through that little kick back to the right.

Walsh, sign him up for two more years now before other teams start circling. Throws a long pass that nearly leads to a runaway try to the Tigers but still has the guts/balls/skills to do it again.

Brown needs to repeatedly show JamesT’s try over and over again this week and push on to the players that when they’re defending that close to the line they need to not start getting off the attacker until the ref says the tackle has been completed.

Loved the way Roger Tuivasa-Sheck came in from the wing at times on attack. With Walsh up in the line as well, there were times it was almost like we had four playmakers there which caused all sorts of confusion for Wests defence.

BTW, how many forward passes did the ref and touch judges let the Tigers get away with in that last minute of play? Talk about deliberately leaving the whistle in your pocket.
A couple of shockers that could have changed the result. The touchies need to stand up here because to be fair we got away with a couple too. Refs should get the easy ones right but with so much on their plate with the speed of the game and now only one of them when a lot of these guys have spent the bulk of their career in first grade with two they need more support from the touchies. Annoys the shit out of me when they put so much effort into their ridiculous waving off the flag for dead in goal or whatever but didn't support their captain (ref) enough when they could show some effort that's worthwhile
Look, the best thing about wins is merrily Googling what your opponent's fan forum is than quietly giggling to yourself as you navigate to the "game day against Warriors" or similarly named thread. Go to about the 50th page (seriously some of that are that long, they obviously don't close off to a post-game thread as quickly as we do, at least the Tigers forum don't, anyway). Read the meltdowns, the I-hate-this-club comments, the It-was-his-fault-your-fault-why-didn't-they-do-what-I-wanted comments, the burn-it-all-down-and-start-again comments, the we-need-a-Good-Coach comments etc etc...

Hello und good evenink, my name ist Herr Schadenfreude. I shall be laughing veddy long and loud at your misfortune, ja?
Sounds oddly familiar
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Was at the game and here are my obversavtions.
- Tigers had the more vocal crowd and got the leeway in ruck often afforded to a home team.
- Tigers had our D in trouble when moving the ball in the first 20 went away from that an starting one out running warrior style and the D handled that much better even strated dominating the middle.
- Jazz looks much more impressive live than on tv is in everything.
- Murchie runs an excellent line but needs to improve fitness.
- Aitken is a top class centre definitely missed his defence early this year.
- Walsh and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck are both absolute weapons.
- Kicking game still needs work including the chase, never seem to be in a position to contest bombs unless they are right on the tryline.

Overall gotta be happy to get the 2 pts being a man down for 20 mins having a 5-0 penalty count against until we finally got one with 10 to go and gifting the tiges at least 2 trys and bombing a couple as well.
Sorry for the novel just excited to see my first live warriors game in 10 years.
Thanks man, Jazz’s stocks just improved out of sight. I thought the team lifted significantly each time he came on and you obviously saw plenty more we didn’t get to see.

I feel we might see the best of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck in the upcoming rounds. He seems to have taken Reece under his wing and is thriving on his creative play, running into any gaps created and just knowing the kid is always looking for opportunities!

Its actually the first time I’m dreading the countdown the Roger Tuivasa-Sheck leaving at the end of the season..
Entertaining game but a pretty average performance to be honest. Tigers dominated field position with a pretty average forward pack and it was only their errors that allowed us to get good field position. We won’t get those opportunities against better teams.

Walsh was incredible, but I thought the rest of the spine did their bit to get him the ball in space. Still the odd sloppy pass and disorganization at times but I thought collectively it was their best performance of the season.
Walsh 5 tackles and 4 missed tackles, lucky he is so good on attack
Egan 52 tackles and 2 missed tackles, might not be a attack weapon, but great defence
Aitken 26 tackles and 2 missed tackles, our best defensive back we have
Nikorima 14 tackles and 7 missed tackles, the worst missed tackles of all our players, if i was the coach he would be on the bench in the next game
WTF...the guy is a journeyman but he has ticker. That try was scored because he had the guts to keep running in support when most of our girls in the past would be sucking it in for the next move. That try gutted Madge.

So was Murdoch-Masila, who had ten minutes rest and didn't earn his pay anyway.

The record books say Manu Vatuvei is the a player anyway.

Tohu Harris-Harris is amazing. He is the glue for that pack. He was a good signing that we have to thank SK for.

You are talking about last nights game? or are you thinking of MMT against the Kangaroos?...if so I agree 150%

Saving a try and then getting a penalty and 10 minutes in the bin for carrying on with the tackle when there was no need....yes really smart

The kid is 80 kg. That worries me although in comparison CTH was about the same size and has about the same level of self preservation.

To be honest anybody moaning about Chanel Harris-Tavita and Kodi are a bit demanding IMO.

Jake Granville is not as effective as he used to be. I don't know whether it is lack of speed or that the defences are awake to him, but back in the day if he was at dummy half close to the line, especially against the Warriors it was a try.
So anyone who chose MMT over the kiwis is dead to you right? Need to let it go. Cos you are joking if you think BBM is not earning his money. He has been awesome this year. But i get it. MMT beat the kiwis back in 2017