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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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1st Grade Fringe
Apr 19, 2018
Walsh showing us what's its like to have a fast winger.
I hope this is the last game Chanel Harris-Tavita starts. That last play summed up his playmaking skills, its the last play of the game, Fergo is standing on 1 leg and he kicks straight to him.
Fk bro I thought you said you thought Brown IS haha. 100% hes a flog. We turned down the one guy who will light fires under big ugly props and thats Geoff Toovey who has a good record and when Manly traitored on him, for Tretnt Barret, they went from top 4 side to 30% wins and Barrett was sacked within 2 seasons.

Toovey was the tough guy we needed as a coach, especially when back in NZ where the kiwi players are lazy as f because they have nobody demanding 10/10 intensity from them. A nice cup of cocoa with marshmallows after our traditional sunday loss at Mt Smart.
Seriously we need to move on from the Toovey shiz. No club has come close to signing him...hardly a Warriors fail when the majority of the other clubs have given him a hard pass
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the borg

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 8, 2015
Ole Mohawk needs to throw a tomahawk at some people. I'm sure he didn't pay millions to buy a club and not want to win a prem. We need another hooker get rid of prop wings, who cares about kick return metres, leaking tries is worse.. and for goodness sake get a fullback to replace Roger Tuivasa-Sheck Walsh is a half who can replace Kodi, who at his age should be a better developed half than that.. Chanel Harris-Tavita would be a better centre I believe... rant over...


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 19, 2018
Not sure I am prepared for defending Chanel Harris-Tavita vs Kodi again for another week but is true. Kodi thre some horrible passes while Chanel threw some diamonds but ended with Ken which just dies. We all agree Walsh should start and it just has to be at the expense of Kodi. They play a similar role, it's a straight swap!
100! Chanel Harris-Tavita played great tonight. Had a couple of errors but the dude had some great moments today. Kodi has played nearly 150 games and we barely heard his name tonight. Chanel Harris-Tavita x Walsh combo is the future...whether thats Walsh at FB or 6...that is where we need to invest our time for mine


1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2019
Really poor first half. Killed ourselves with errors. That said, we let in less points than most would've thought having given up 70% of possession. We had no ball and we were guilty of overplaying it when we did get it. Again, really poor, but we did hang in there, and that was encouraging. Even at 24-0 down it felt like we just needed a little bit of possession.

Second half was much better. Walsh was probably the catalyst but I think today really highlights the players we should build around and the players we should absolutely not.

I thought Walsh and Chanel Harris-Tavita both played really well. Chanel Harris-Tavita especially really stood up — really good in defence as expected, but took a lot of responsibility playing both sides of the ball a lot of the time. Tevaga was outstanding — massive shift from him. Pompey put Ken into acres of space, which is why he was able to make so many metres, but he did nothing with them. He's a huge handbrake for us at the moment. His lack of speed when we get early ball out wide kills us instantly. Much better performance from Egan this week; was unlucky to not earn a couple more 6-agains/penalties I thought. Aitken went some way to fixing the defensive problems on the right, but what happened to Berry? Was he injured? Didn't make much sense for him to not come on at the end.

Overall, don't think anybody let us down for effort today, but there is a clear gap in quality amongst our players. Some of them (like Jazz) can make up for it in other areas, but the painfully average contributions from some players are becoming too consistent and we will need to solve that problem if this plan we seem to have of playing very fun, high-quality football, is going to work.

Would be nice if we can fix our defence too but I'm not sure if Brown has the faculties for that. Luckily the Tigers are shit and we should get a win next week.
This is the problem why do people think we beat the tigers next week? We are playing shit football! Again......... until we learn to defend we have no hope.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 19, 2018
When we signed white Kata in Aitken, little did we know we had tall Kata in Pompey already here. You can have all the fast wingers you want, they won't see the ball.

its good they didnt give up, and looked pretty good once parramatta tired but that start to the game was disgusting, like they can't even execute passes, Kodi to 14 is the easiest switch to make.
I agree...Kodi to 14 gives us so much more balance. Keeps Chanel Harris-Tavita and RW on the field. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck can stay at fullback and it gives Egan a spell. Surely its not because Kodi thinks he's a half and he's holding the club ransom.

wizards rage

Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 18, 2016
Maumalo does heaps of meter because the opposition kick to him knowing he is not a treat. Powerful but easily contained. It’s actually a negative that the opposition doesn’t try to avoid him but picks him out...

He lacks at defending (let in a try he should have stopped if he hit hard) and is not able to make a try unless he only has to fall over the line. I believe he costs us a couple of tries per game on either side of the ball.

Ironically he’s bringing in some nicer touches by passing or kicking when he’s about to get caught on a break... pity it’s because he’s always getting caught.

The game has evolved towards speed and his skill set doesn’t match the wingers job description anymore.

Uk Warriors fan

1st Grade Fringe
Aug 14, 2017
I get a lot of you are on the Ken out vibe, but he made 202m today, those are really valuable and I just don't think we can afford to lose his metres. Even if he's switched around in attack so we have him closer to the middle and move someone faster out wide.
I’d rather a quick winger that plays the ball quick & beats a man to score a try....ken can’t do this. Who would you drop in the middle?

Wellington Warrior

Warriors 1st Grader
May 15, 2012
Wellington, New Zealand
Maumalo does heaps of meter because the opposition kick to him knowing he is not a treat. Powerful but easily contained. It’s actually a negative that the opposition doesn’t try to avoid him but picks him out...
which is exactly what Richie Barnett said post match.... it’s too predictable and he only runs 1 out... opposition know this and just get 3 in the tackle and manage him easily.

Tim burgess

1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2012
Whilst disappointed with the result the team showed ticker to hang in whenn 24 Nil down and hardly any possession.

I'm not sure how Walsh starting would have made a difference as two of the tries came from Warriors errors.

Brown is a capable coach who has been smashed with injuries. His use of Walsh today was fine and thought Chanel Harris-Tavita was good today.

The hate for Brown is ridiculous..Newcastle thought they were a better replacement in O'BRIEN and their going backwards quite rapidly. They would have been better keeping him as coach.

We need patience and a settle squad with further tweaks.

Further, don't underestimate how good a team Parramatta are. There serious contenders this year.


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 4, 2016
Seriously we need to move on from the Toovey shiz. No club has come close to signing him...hardly a Warriors fail when the majority of the other clubs have given him a hard pass
Seriously Im agreeing with a comment on Brown and saying the only way forward would have been to sign somebody with more personal energy. So pull it bro. Wasnt a comment about we should NOW sign Toovey.

A lot of no play post commentary negative hacks on other peoples replies out of context.

Wigan Warrior

1st Grade Fringe
May 23, 2012
Wigan, England
We can score points there is no doubt about that, but our D needs to be better. Then again, in that first half we contributed to our own downfall with some basic errors. They put a stat up after 30 mins that said we had completed 7/12. Not sure they were watching the same game as me.

In attack we seem to go into panic mode when we get into their 20, but that probably comes from having to chase the game.

Pompey kicking in the first half when he has a 2 on 1. (And kicking inside as well)

Forward pass to Kenny first half with an overlap.

Chanel Harris-Tavita throwing an offload 10 yards behind everyone.

Tohu Harris throwing a pass forward on the 4th tackle when he should have just ran at them. We had perfect field position for a last tackle play.

Nikorima can't throw a long ball to save his life.

We had the chances to win that game despite being 24-0 down. They seemed to score every chance they got (or got over the line at least) whereas we blew multiple good field positions and chances.

We look far better with Walsh on the field. He needs to start games. For me he plays 6 with Kodi on the bench. At the minute it is Kodi's goal kicking that is keeping him an 80 minute player for me.

Finally....did they change the rules on sin bins? Happy if they did because it was crap, but interesting that games all weekend end up 13v11 until our game when a high shot on Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (probably the worst of the game) isn't even called and then a high shot in the 2nd half when we are on top isn't deemed a sin bin. Yes we also had one early 2nd half so at least he consistently ignored it.

Sort the D out, bit more composure in attack and I think we have the makings of a decent side.

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