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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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1st Grade Fringe
May 14, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
Really poor first half. Killed ourselves with errors. That said, we let in less points than most would've thought having given up 70% of possession. We had no ball and we were guilty of overplaying it when we did get it. Again, really poor, but we did hang in there, and that was encouraging. Even at 24-0 down it felt like we just needed a little bit of possession.

Second half was much better. Walsh was probably the catalyst but I think today really highlights the players we should build around and the players we should absolutely not.

I thought Walsh and Chanel Harris-Tavita both played really well. Chanel Harris-Tavita especially really stood up — really good in defence as expected, but took a lot of responsibility playing both sides of the ball a lot of the time. Tevaga was outstanding — massive shift from him. Pompey put Ken into acres of space, which is why he was able to make so many metres, but he did nothing with them. He's a huge handbrake for us at the moment. His lack of speed when we get early ball out wide kills us instantly. Much better performance from Egan this week; was unlucky to not earn a couple more 6-agains/penalties I thought. Aitken went some way to fixing the defensive problems on the right, but what happened to Berry? Was he injured? Didn't make much sense for him to not come on at the end.

Overall, don't think anybody let us down for effort today, but there is a clear gap in quality amongst our players. Some of them (like Jazz) can make up for it in other areas, but the painfully average contributions from some players are becoming too consistent and we will need to solve that problem if this plan we seem to have of playing very fun, high-quality football, is going to work.

Would be nice if we can fix our defence too but I'm not sure if Brown has the faculties for that. Luckily the Tigers are shit and we should get a win next week.


U20's Player
Oct 15, 2013
Tohu Harris only forward over 100 meters.
It's a really bad trend that our forwards are not doing their job, or not made to do their job.
Totally agree. It’s becoming pretty common that the forwards aren’t make a lot of metres when we lose. This and every time we make a mistake in our own 20-30 metres it results in points for the opposition. Need to back up the guys that make the mistakes with big defence. Other than that I don’t think we are too far from putting a complete performance together. Hopefully the 5 day turnaround doesn’t have too much of an effect on us
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Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
I’m watching him in the box with Belamy in the storm dragons game, nodding and bobbing his head up and down... but with that blank look on his face.... classic SK....
The Eels are a great club this season. They must have some top rate coaching staff. They were interviewing one of the assistants before the game. ;) ;) :rolleyes:


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 18, 2012
Only have read the first page, but the Brown hate is a bit bullshit IMO. We let in 4 tries in 13 minutes, through errors, penalties in our own half and some bad tackling. You can't give top 4 sides like Parra that much ball on our line and survive. To only blame the coach is lazy.

2 weeks in a row we have been blown off the park in 15 minute spells, only to push back for a late charge. I think a lot of the errors in defence comes down to chemistry, there does seem to be a lot of chopping and changing, I'm struggling to keep up with who is in our top forward pack. Injuries haven't helped. Aitken back will help, and moving Tohu Harris to second row is another good move, which we saw in this game. Just shores up an edge a bit, and he has the skill to get the ball to his centre.

We certainly need to start Walsh somehow.. Maybe putting him on the wing and do what we saw today will work. He is our best kicker and tackle breaker, he has to have 80.


1st Grade Fringe
Oct 9, 2012
Maybe, but he sure is better than SK. At least they are fighting back.
SK had the worst win loss record out of his contemporaries when he was head coach.

The next worst record, and current holder of current coach with worst win/loss record?
Nathan Brown.

Above him? Todd Payten, but in fairness, Payten hasn't had a whole season

I guess at least we are trending upwards
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1st Grade Fringe
Oct 9, 2012
Yes but he is still way ahead of SK, and they didn't have many options at the time.
That is true - the next best coach knocked us back, so not much to do there.

Does anyone know what happened with the line drop out penalty we conceded? No balls in the bin or something? Seems harsh if true

Dunedin warrior

1st Grade Fringe
Nov 10, 2014
I thought we showed a lot of ticker, we were running over the top of them despite being two men down for a lot of the game. That being said you can’t give elite teams a 24 point head start and expect to win.

Very similar to the Raiders game but with a more typical result. We’ve got good spirit but have got to stop conceding tries in bunches if we want to become a good team.


All in the Brown stuff!
Feb 3, 2014
That is true - the next best coach knocked us back, so not much to do there.

Does anyone know what happened with the line drop out penalty we conceded? No balls in the bin or something? Seems harsh if true
Even if there weren’t Walsh forced the ball and then threw it away to buy time (unsuccessfully it must be said)
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Wellington Warrior

Warriors 1st Grader
May 15, 2012
Wellington, New Zealand
And to think Fusitua won most trys scored in NRL 2017 and Ken in 2018, all because they were chasing the pin point kicks that are on the try line that Chanel Harris-Tavita and Walsh can provide.
I think you will find there was a common denominator both those years leading to them being the top try scorer... Peta Hiku. Our current centres don’t have a clue how to set up their outside man. Our current halves also don’t even seem to be able to get the ball to the centre’s to do anything.


Warriors 1st Grader
Aug 28, 2013
In years gone by had we fallen to 24 nil we would have thrown in the towel and be destroyed by 40 or more points. This year we have come back into things. Much more heart.

I was yelling at the tv to get Walsh on earlier than he did get on. He certainly provides the difference, and sparks the Warriors into action when he does get on. Time to keep him on. But Roger isn't a winger. He needs to be a lot closer to the ball.

We have the Tigers next week. We need to WIN that game. Otherwise it's season over playing catch up.

Billy Teets James

Ken Ma-Slow-Poo was shit today - slow and like runny poos - a real mess
Oh, You've just clicked? I think the whole universe knows he's slow.
A real mess? Considering whom he had distributing the ball on to him. He did alright. I'll tell you a secret, Incase you've forgotten. Hes pretty slow. We should replace him with speed demons like Fusitua, Pompey & Kosi. So we can have a fast as shit backline alongside fast as shit centers that we have Aitken, Hiku and Berry.
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