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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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Fucking STOKED with that performance from the lads. I expected an improvement in our pack with Addin Fonua-Blake and Ben Murdoch-Masila joining the team, plus Bunty and Ah Mau returning from injury. But damn, that's just about the best performance I've seen from a Warriors pack since 2011.

I think the most pleasing thing was that the trauma the team went through last year, for lack of a better term, seems to have stayed with them. There's a determination in them that I think it's fair to say the Warriors have been missing for most of our existence.

I'm not getting too far ahead of myself, but to see such a composed 80 minute performance IN ROUND FUCKING ONE is an extremely good sign. We're traditionally slow off the blocks, taking until Origin to really warm up.

Definitely still have some issues in attack (primarily with Chanel Harris-Tavita) but in terms of overall performance and attitude I'm incredibly happy. I suspect we're following the Bennettball approach and turning our defence into a wall, then slowly adding attacking flair throughout the year.
Agree re CHTs kicking but his runs were good, not to much attack down that side in the oppositions 20 to be honest but what there was he made good work of.
B from me.
We used our forward dominance to grind out that win.
Defence was an A+.
But if we are going to unpick good defences ourselves we need way more from the halves late in the count.
Got the two points though and I reckon if we improve our attack some and the likes of Egan stay fit we are in the eight!
Very happy with that win! The new boys had an awesome game! Chanel Harris-Tavita will gain some confidence and build on it throughout the season. Had an off night with his kicks but was solid. Looked more like a centre than a half tonight but hel be right. Awesome to have Fusitua and leeson back but BUNTY! What an impact he made. You could see the boys lifted after he made those strong charges. My MOM goes to Addin Fonua-Blake! He was an absolute beast. Made every carry with intent and made a lot of half breaks that just needed a bit of support to offload. Very happy fan tonight!
Been saying it time and again,....but if you watch that game without blinkers, you will see when Egan is on, that the Warriors forwards charge down to the opposition 30mt line almost at will.

When he goes off, our premium forward pack makes it to inside our own fifty.

So whether or not we go deep into the finals depends entirely on Egans fitness. Other players are critical, but Egan is the key to unlocking our million dollar forward pack.

Apart from that, big props to the defensive coaching, they did their job. We have only ever looked this ready defensively in 2001 2002 2003 2018 20201, so that is five years out of a few decades of being shit on D come round one.

We didn't even use Evans or Murchie, we have forward power coming out of our arses.

Ordinarily Warriors fans get too excited after a solo win. But I say be excited, the forward machine first time up to bat hit the ball out of the park.

Lots of good games to look forward too provided we keep the core fit.
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Geez bit rough on Chanel Harris-Tavita's kicking considering he's got a quad issue currently. Just be thankful we didn't have O'Sullivan out there letting blokes waltz past him over the try line.

Will be raining next Friday on the coast, good battle up the middle against a decent Newcastle pack. Kicking will need to improve in that weather against Pearcey though, hopefully Chanel Harris-Tavita's quad is better by then.
Good first hit out, kept it tight despite the conditions.

Ball would’ve been slippery but we showed good control on top of a fairly simple game plan.

Smart footy really, not something we always associate with Warriors football.

Be nice if someone could’ve texted Brandy to let him know Chanel Harris-Tavita went into the game with a quad injury, nauseating listening to him waffling on about the height of his kicks.
Awesome D boys. Boring game compared to the games before this. But a win is a win.

Katoa, Addin Fonua-Blake & Jamayne Tounua-Brown were impressive.
Bunty /Ben Murdoch-Masila / Leeson good off the bench.

Love the junkyard dawg! Lol.

Hiku & the Fusitua were very good and busy. Ken needs to run harder. Biggest on field but jogs it up. SMH.....

Halves ? Kodi, please take more control.
Chanel will miss some games for the trip.

Tino should for 2 shoulder charges that he wasn't penalised for?

Egan to be stood down due to concussion.

No1 half & hooker missing. Be interesting who they bring in.

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