General NRL 2021 Round 1 - General Discussion

That little period Cowboys had on attack just about every tackle could and maybe should have been called 6 again for laying in the tackle and slowing the ball down.
it’s really interesting how inconsistently that 6 again is being applied game to game.
Felt like there were 15 or more in our game.
This ref just doesn’t like em?
The Cows were bad last year, but this is horrendous. Cows lucky Penny's attack looks average with Barrett not there anymore.
You could argue over wether Penrith are looking like minor premieres again based on this game.
But based on their showing there’d be no argument that the cows could go worse than last years 14th.
they’re an uninspiring shambles.
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Calling it now:
Manly Sea Eagles Wooden Spooners 2021. Might be a desperate battle with the Cowboys, but I think on today's performance, the Sea Eagles have that shite, clueless attitude sussed - as shown several times by Mr Gold Coast Titans Blackflipper DCE - to nail the prize.

I can see the Dragons being poor - 13-14 level - but nothing as bad as what the Sea Eagles dished up today.