Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 7 - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 14, 2012
Not going to waste my time writing about that embarrassment. Never felt worse being a Warriors fan, and never been closer to saying fuck it and just following another club. Can't be any worse than this.

Yes it could. Imagine giving up 50 to a shit team.

Can we please halt the "Woe is the Warriors! We Are Shite!" for a second to acknowledge a fair bit of what the Storm did was bloody good.

But also a fair bit of what the Warriors did was certainly shite.


Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, this poster has turned Sarcasm Mode to Off.


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 23, 2016
Seems like we are trying to replicate the type of play that won premierships 5 years ago. The game has moved on and favours a faster pace, with more flair. How we used to play and ironically now we are the worst at it.
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blue bells

1st Grade Fringe
Sep 15, 2017
Im ok with this result as i expected it, some of you are being quite unreasonable, we lynched Kearney and got our way mid season, like it or not there are consequences to that so Im going to reserve any judgment of the team and payton for a few weeks till i see whats what, dont get me wrong tonight was a shit show but i knew what i was getting into when i decided to watch tonight lol


1st Grade Fringe
May 19, 2012
I hate to admit it ... but I don't even really care anymore ... I only watch out of stubborn loyalty & habit these days ... but this is the least attached I've ever felt towards this franchise in 25+ years ... #Faithless ... #CG'sGots2go
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Mr Brownstone

1st Grade Fringe
Nov 9, 2014
I mean, I was half-joking, but I think it's pretty clear he wasn't the only problem behind our performances. This was easily the worst effort of the season.
Yeah agree, where we are now as a club has taken years to develop, really since the appointment of Bluey back in 2012. Doyle was a massive contributor to this mess also.
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Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
We started ok and managed to create some opportunities. A pity the game wasn't 10-15 minutes long.

I blame my mate, while I was talking with him we were going alright. Or maybe I should blame his kids for playing tag in the dark and having an accident and getting him off the phone. Could of got it down from 50 to maybe 40 or 30.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
Ah well we got what we expected, a fifty point hiding so no complaints here.

Forwards in general this year have been up to their opposites in the war for the middle....throw in Bunty, and our prop from the Dragons, cant even think of his name I must be having a break down...but anyway throw in those two and with Katoa fit...and we have a pretty decent pack.

The backs are a nightmare in defence, and dont go to well in attack, so we need to buy a new backline.

wizards rage

Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 18, 2016
To many positional changes every week. To many injuries. Defence doesn’t trust the players around them because it’s someone new in our backs every week.

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