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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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Great post. Yep we would lose most games defending like that, but we just need to try and scratch some wins until we get our players back from round 8 on. If we could somehow roll Souths (big if) we’ll be 3/6 with Ken and Fusitua ready to roll!
Fonzie, just a word to the wise; you will seriously go down in my estimation if you resort to a cheap shot like 'I told you so' in this weeks podcast.
I am going to make two posts in a row. Firstly an emotional reaction. Then an analysis of the game. Which expect will be amongst many such commentaries as people wake up today.

Emotional reaction
After the brothers on this web site such as Tajhay etc gave me some worldly advice last week to go into the games with low expectations, I did just that. So when Peta Hiku ballsed up a simple play leading to a try gently chuckled instead of being distraught.
Nonethless as the epic match began to play out the ebbed back and forth began to get into the swing of it without becoming too invested.
Parts of the Warriors play were majestic and we played like a team on the rise. And if we can string together two or three performances like that then maybe with the likes of Curran, King, and other youngsters in our line up we could be classified as a team on the rise. And wouldn't that be a buzz to support such a team.

Great victory. The game was magnificent and a terrific advertisement for rugby league.
man the guys can take you to the top of the mountain or to under the mud at the bottom in the space of a week. Good win by the boys made my nxt 7 days liveable now my non leaguie workmates wont piss me off.
Great win. Second half was very clinical!!

Forward pack did the job which was great to see!! Not often you see JT kept to such low numbers!!

I am now absolutely convinced that Kearney has instructed anyone that offloads will be pulled from the field immediately!!

Rated the game a B... still concerns over the defence. A lot of soft tries let in. Wanted to blame Pompey but suspect a lot of the issues come from Green who likes to rush out the line and often picks the wrong man to go in on leaving his outside men exposed. Pompey however is a waste of space!

Murchie seems to be a lot like Charlie Gubb was in defence. Always seems to go low or around the waist letting the tackler easily offload!!
Greens kicking was better but I thought he should have tested out ther new kids. Instead he kicked away from him all night. Debut winger has to move to fullback, if you have game smarts you take advantage of that. We won anyway but it annoyed me.
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Wanted to blame Pompey but suspect a lot of the issues come from Green who likes to rush out the line and often picks the wrong man to go in on leaving his outside men exposed.
This! Green is always leaving gaps, is it because he is used to a team that gets up fast and it doesn't always happen here? Or is he just stupid? Cause he lets in at least a try a game.
How can he have gotten 107m from 11 runs, he was getting hit and pushed back for 3 and 4m gains at the start. His mum must of been doing the stats.
I think only four of his carries were dominant.
The rest he was getting pelt.
You could tell they wanted to elevate him and dump him on his head.
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Last year we had two good goal kickers in Chanel Harris-Tavita and Herbert. Obviously Chanel Harris-Tavita isn't in the side but why isn't Herbert kicking?

I started the game telling my wife how pedestrian our attack is inside the opposition 20. While I was talking it was hit, slow play hit up. We end up scoring 30 points for the first time in a long time. Some good work and some nice attacking kicks. The key thing with the kicks was guys were there to take advantage of the Cowboys mistakes.

Going to drag my wife into the lounge next week and lecture here about our shit attack. We should be good then.
Maybe with Fusitua coming back Herbert will be gone so Kearney is preparing kodi?
My analysis:

1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - great under the high ball. He exuded leadership. If that was an ordinary game from him then what a great player he is. One knock is that he was probably too revealing in his pre-game interview. He answered with the naked truth of how we planned to stop JT. ie to rush him and make tackling contact with him while he was in his initial strides. Great tactic but very few experienced captains spill the beans. Look for Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to be asked more questions in coming weeks by hopeful reporters.

2 Herbert. From the doghouse to the penthouse. What an opening try. Very few people would have scored that. Defence is poor on the wing and he and Pompey kept leaving their winger by drifting in to the centre and left an unmarked opposition winger to cross the chalk. Experienced wingers stick to their assignment. The try we let in from the scrum with their winger scoring from a set play was very annoying. Hopefully if Ken and Fusitua return to the wing they can help us with our wide edge defence. The score line flattered them and had their goal kicker made their final conversion then things could have been tighter at the end.

3. Gerard Beale - he is doing ok. And contributing to the team. I say he stays in the centres with Hiku and Fusitua goes back to the wing.

4 Hiku. 3 tries. Someone made post last week that listed him ranked around 20th for centres in the league. He is quite decent and reckon a number of teams would take him as their centre. If he didn't play this week then we would have lost last night. He was a "big in" for the line up. His one on one stepping on Masters for the try was top drawer. We won't discuss his brain failure early in the game.

5 Pompey - yeah. Scored a try. He is a depth player and is what he is.

6 Kodi Nikorima - It is absolutely imperative that he remain our goal kicker throughout the year. He will get better with more experience. More importantly it makes him more confident and he is a confidence player.
1 Line Break Assist 2 try Assists

7 Blake Green - Very effective. For those bagging our halves before last nights game - Blake is ranked 8th for try assists and Kodi 11th.

8 Jamayne Tounua-Brown - superlative performance.

9 Egan. As predicted he will grow into his role and did do a decisive dummy half run last night. He looks ginger about hitting it up but will grow further. Great kicking try assist for Hiku's third. He was mentioned by the Cowboys pregame as one of our strengths."Egan gives direction and structure to their middle third forays".

10 Burr- his experience was welcome

11 Katoa -we need a name. Maybe Krakatoa?

12 Harris - No matter how hard they tried to work the ball out of his carries they couldn't trouble his ball security.

13 Blair - he looks like a legit NRL power forward. Other teams are going to have to discuss how to neutralise him. You watch him on defence. He is really doling out punishment. He is our defensive enforcer. Last year people were mocking his one percenters. Saw him do about ten one percenter plays last night which were very helpful.

14 Karl Lawton - terrific utility to have at 14. Props to Lawton and Blake Green for using all their experience to get the ball in and out of a scrum with 5 minutes left. Cowboys were determined to get a tight head. And a lesser 7 like Hingano would have succumbed to their pressure. Both Green and Lawton worked the ref and the rules nicely to execute the scrum.

15 Poasa - looks better with more experience. One run he did was electric in the 2nd half and it killed the Cowboys spirit. After that hit up we had the momentum for the next ten minutes. It is a bit questionable starting him ahead of Paasi since we told the NRL we needed him because we were desperate.

16 King. I am not sold on him. Continues to commit errors. When fit would like Curran to get a run. Curran is a try scorer.

17 Murchie. He is my favourite Warrior right now. Plays like a young Dylan Napa. He plays mean and was enjoying giving out beats to the opposition. He is a real intimidator. Please can we sign this guy for three years. His contract is only for 2020.

Kearney: We looked like a well coached team.

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