Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 4 - Panthers vs Warriors Post Match Discussion


01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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- For the most part the defence was actually OK I thought. They scored off errors, and made the most of a couple of breaks, but we didn't give up the middle.

- Hayze looked dangerous at times, Katoa looked OK, Tohu Harris is a monster

- I've been a Green defender for a long time but the guy is just completely washed. His kicks have zero height or length, and him trying to tackle Kikau looked like someones dad was filling in for park footy.

- I don't understand the rotation at all. You've got endless back rowers, and yet Lawton still ends up being put there for a big chunk of the game? Papalii plays 40 straight, and then only comes back for a couple of minutes at the end? I also thought Murchie and Vuniyayawas stints were too long.

- Nikorima and Egan need to run. I'm seriously wondering whether they've been told to just be distributors for the first 50-60 minutes because they almost looked scared of contact, even if they caught an offload they were playing hot potato to get rid of it.

- The attack. Enough said.
fark, we does one start lol.

- Sack the attacking coach.
- What's the lates with Roache? as glass as he is, we need his runs from DH
we need some sort of change within the coaching ranks. either head coach needs to go or clean out the assistants. we have had zero success with any of them

Egan is not the DH we need with the current rules in place. its a combination of the silly no look pass/ not running and when he runs he passes off so he doesnt get tackled. Our attack should start from dummy half. thought we looked better with the brief moment lawton played there
Ok, short and sharp,
Our Halves currently have a skill of not being able to put players through a gap.
Pompey unfortunately offers neither speed or menace
Hats off to Herbert he really dug in after two horrors under the high ball. Faumasilli looked good.
We are a magician in the halves and a dynamic centre with speed away from the team we all want.

Pompei is average. There was a winger in the trials who was aggressive and hand mongrel, speed too. Cant remember his name? Not sure if he made the 30. Would be a far better option.
Should've added the ugly to my list of good and bad above - when Beale made a break, had Lawton screaming on the inside and someone coming in on the outside, only the fullback to beat... and he limply walks into the bloke, doesn't pass, doesn't put on a step, doesn't try to beat him for speed... all I could do was laugh, it really summed our night up
Because he is not a half. And to think Kearney said he was courting him a year earlier than he joined.

Our Roster is fucked.
Imagine thinking you're a half. Basically refusing to kick the ball, refusing to run the ball. Only trick in your tool kit, is shovel the ball on.

He literally got shanked from the Broncs, because they didn't think he was a half. So we doubled his pay to be one. Kearney logic 101.
Glad we signed Egan...a hooker that refuses to run is just what this team needed. Garbage from everyone on that field not in a panthers uniform, that yellow shirt prick included.
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I don't think I've ever seen a side be as "chalk and cheese" as the Warriors. One week they go 43/45 and could have given anyone a game, the next week they don't look like scoring.
I hate to say it but it shows how much Buzz and Kent know about the game, Dragons are really bad and if they’d played Panthers it would have been 60+.
We were allowed to play decent against Dragon they’re not chalk and cheese they’re BAD.
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Need new coaches... forget the old mates club. Kearney, Iro and Stacey etc.Those young fellas who played 2nite would lose too much confidence being told to play 90s style. No rushing defence, no offloads, just one off carries. No imagination, looks like the flair is coached out of them... If I was the owner thats the first thing to address.. I said in an earlier post Green needs to go and last week was just a fairytale win. I could go on all night, but oh well feel like your farting against thunder sometimes...
Let's not kid ourselves. Our roster is poor and we need things to go our way to win games this year. Today they didn't. Penrith earned a lot of the roll on they got and I actually think Chechin got most decisions right up until we were already out of the game. After that everything went against us.

I thought we played above the sum of our parts until the bounce of the ball went against us a couple of times. We will need our full squad to be fit to trouble anyone this year.

The biggest issue is that Kearney still won't change an ultra-conservative approach. It is a recipe for disaster. I can kind of understand it following the Dragons game, but shit, name a sport where a defensive mindset comes up trumps. I thought he'd have players sniffing offloads up the middle today, with our weakness on the outside, but that strategy has never made it into the SK era playbook.

The need for Green's composure and experience is defiinitely dwarfed by his ever diminishing ability. He looked like Burr trying to tackle a young Shaun Johnson when marking Kikau
kearney press conference:

didnt give ourselves a chance tonight.

hard to claw back when you lose momentum.

penrith played well.

applied no pressure, beating ourselves.

believes there is a correlation between blow out and new rules.

first half, three tries were off kicks. we were working hard but didnt give ourselves a chance.

was frustrated with Penrith giving away 6 again tackles on the 1st (and someone should have been binned).

we didnt handle things well.

Emotion and andrenalin last week, however not an issue. we missed our assignment this week. Tips his hat to Penrith.

Wasnt happy with the last kick options and penalties.

Fusitu and Maumalo wont be ready next week.
The sad reality is you ain't winning many games with Green, Nikorima & Egan as part of your spine.

Green were do I start kicking game is woeful. Too slow on defence especially when moving lateral gets beaten far to easily on his outside.

Nikorima yes he has pace but does not know how to use it. Needs to take on the line and not be afraid to get tackled, instead of always getting to the defensive line and passing it to the player on the outside. If he took on the line more often instead of always passing, he would be much more dangerous.

Wade Egan, there is a reason the panthers re-signed Korisau, even though Egan is a Panthers junior is because he is rubbish. Passing is too slow and inaccurate, has a non-existent running game, and more often than not when the Warriors are on attack takes the wrong decision, twice last week he tried to score from dummy half killing the Warriors attacking momentum, this week, he took the wrong option after the Beale break , by going down the short-side were the defence was.

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