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Perhaps the Warriors aren’t so bad - Canberra beat us by 14 but did the Storm by 16!
And we had half a team recall...

Yes, it won't be long before the complaints start...much like when they clamped down on offsides a couple of seasons ago. We, and a couple of other teams were on a roll, so the rules were changed back to favour the wrestlers and cheats

Already the Storm shouting to be allowed to bring in their crowd, how else can they influence the ref... next it will be the Warriors have a huge advantage not having to travel....
To be fair of the 2 games which would you have picked being the error filled vs a team with almost no errors?

I'm a die hard supporter but I'd have put my money on us topping the error count.

Never been so pleased to be so wrong.
Imagine if they got the 100% completion stat. The team that has earned the reputation of easily turning over possession is the team with the perfect game. It takes a long time to remove stereotypes or perceptions about a club. Remember 2018 we were getting picked to lose cause we couldn't win away from home, the stats were we had lost one away from home and were the best road side.

As we were the home side in blue who had moved our game to the Central Coast did the refs think we were the Roosters.😆


Edrick Lee's a bit of a grub in this game, interesting how some teams have come back so flat. Ok knights are missing peirce and Tonga, but yesterdays warriors would of beaten them and the storm based on this weekends form
Game was off the hook.

Knights actually deserved the honours but no one deserved to loose.

Young rookie stars shone,Crichton is going to be special,makes getting through look easy.
Can imagine the trouble he can cause at fullback.

Burton had restrictions,but you could tell he could unleash and destroy,had an outstanding game for a rookie.

Bradman Best is living up to the hype as well.

Text Hoy needs to be in the 17.
He is a talent ,had a lively game.

We will give the Panthers a go nek week.
Beale and Ice will have there hands full with Kikau coming at them.
Dont think they will expect our team to replicate this weekend.
Got the feeling we will and will get a fright when our rookie version Kikau and giant Aussie kid come at them.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
They go on about Hindy flopping... Cam Smith is another level... and the Storms efforts in spoiling the ruck and somehow getting away with most of it.

I had hardly noticed the ref's all weekend... until this game.
Well don Raiders!
nah the roosters game was the first of the slower games.
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