Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 20 - Warriors vs Manly Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Fucking proud of the boys. Hiku is a gun, bizzare he only got a 1 year contract.
If we dont sign AK, he'll be at the Cowboys next year.
Pompey isn't good.
With a full pre season Jamayne Tounua-Brown will kick on big time, he hit a flat patch near the end of the season but he killed it tonight.
Jazz was Jazz.
Still a bit worried of our attack inside of opposition 20 but then we scored 40 ( fuck you Kearney).
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Great end to the season.

Great ending for Blair.
Kiwi Legend.

Thank you Gerard Beale,injury riddled time with us which started from your Kiwi's leg break which took away the goods you had before you came.
You were always solid .

Thank you Lachlan Burr,you have been a beast this month,I hope you get a gig somewhere else.
Peyton proved you are a first grade player.

Thank you Nate Roache,so exciting and hope someone has faith in your talent and sign you without fear of you getting re injured.

Hope theres still a chance of resigning you AK,always liked you and today reinforced how talented you are,if not I know you will be an asset at another club.

To all the others who haven't resigned or been offered a contract, all the best

Thank you Todd Peyton for the turn around and belief you put into our team.
All the best with the Cowboys,were going to smash you.

Thank you team,till the lights go out!!!

Thank you mods for all this,sorry for going off track at times,but when there is times to make someone laugh I will take it.
But yes it's easy to get sucked in.

Thanks Warriors, we all love our team and it's great sharing, debating and getting corrected by you all.

Big up for our team in 2021 ,we still have a signature or two to wait on and see who else is moving on.

Look forward to the off season drafts,even a cricket one Wrighty.
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People who stood out to me

Chanel Harris-Tavita - had 4 try assists. Take a bow. He arrived tonight as an NRL standard half. Super ball distribution. By the way Kodi finishes the season with 15 try assists and 8th overall in that category.

Jazz- distributed well

Keighran - he is miles better than Perham at centre. Even his defence was important as he shut down a few half chances.

Katoa - looks like a superstar already
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So, to show my confidence in them I put all my Bookie money on them at 13+, $6,000. They win by 12, this team thinks of ways to shaft me, I am now sure of it.

I used to do that kind of thing.

A stray twenny on Warriors 1-12? Oh, heck, let's see the boys win by freakin' 13! So, next week a stray twenny on Warriors 13+? Nup. Some numpty screws up a try conversion and the bastards win by 12. Jones for First Try? No, First Try Assist does not bloody count but he'll get the easiest second try..etc etc.

Good end to the season. Didn't beat all the teams I'd have liked and some of the losses were higher than they should have been but heck, at kick-off the restart on 28 May, I wasn't expecting anything other than a ding-dong battle to avoid what the Broncos ended up with. Really pleased with the new players and the new signings. I really wish we could have re-signed Roache but understand the logic behind not doing so. Keighran, I'd like to keep but if he gets an offer closer to home, why would he re-sign?

FWIW, I suspect we're going to spend all of next year over the wrong side of the Tasman Sea (off topic, but I really, really loathe how it's called The Ditch) so it's another season of silence at MSS for 2021.

Not sure who to go for in the S of O this year...
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2020 has been a shitter of a year! But thank you to Todd Payten and the team for finally getting me back to the edge of my seat! Making the past boring years a memory and giving us all something to look forward to on the weekends again!
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What a match !! Great end to the season Warriors.
So proud of those who dug in for the long haul and stuck it out to the end of this most disruptive season.
Congratulations Todd Payten on your gig with the Cowboys. Must admit to being just a bit pissed off that you aren't staying but wishing you a successful career ahead..
You gave this team, our team the confidence to do better & they showed us they could do better. Awesome.
And yes Mr George - Please sign Keighran
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