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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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That they had to get straight off a flight and to the ground 3 hours before kickoff it good to see that that the effort was still there for a game with nothing on the line.

Thought Murchie aka Dolph Lundgren had a great battle with his former team. Am looking forward to him kicking on next year with a year of first grade under his belt.

I have been watching all the games this year so I think I will watch the Adesanya fight next week. That was an easy C today, even though we lost that lead at halftime the game was still in reach.

If Payton wants to take jazz off because of the pass, then I'm expecting jazz to be dropped this week?
Nikorima once again went MIA. Does he have a clause in his contract stating a max number of involvements per week, otherwise we need to pay him overtime?
ROFL, yes it was in the $350k PA overs we paid for him :).

We use to say Johnson was MIA when he was still creating tries and not taking the line on. The problem with Kodi is, he doesnt have a kicking game, a great ball playing game to put players into holes or good game management.

IMO the issue (especially now with Aitken purchased) is Kodi needs to be replaced. We are not short of centres or wingers.

We should have been either looking to Hayze to play 5/8th in 2021 (now 2022) which is his prefered position, or to have purchased a quality 5/8th not a centre (Aitken). Still frustrated at whoever is signing of releases and purchases and I think we need better NZ based scouting. We do not for cripes sake want to lose either Hayze or Turner, which will happen if we resign Kodi.

If we waiting on Kodi to turn up weekly it will never happen, he is a ball runner and only a ball runner, which means hot and cold which is the nature of such a player.
It was looking promising at the start with us playing out our sets, getting penalties and a few set restarts. Followed by some tries. That was never going to last the whole 80. But it was looking like we could get a big scalp.

Then they got that intercept. The good sides stay in the game and get some luck where the bottom sides down on confidence find ways to lose.

This side does deserve a win these last few rounds after being close to the finals with 3 weeks to go. Sport though you don't always get what you deserve.
I have been watching all the games this year so I think I will watch the Adesanya fight next week. That was an easy C today, even though we lost that lead at halftime the game was still in reach.

If Payton wants to take jazz off because of the pass, then I'm expecting jazz to be dropped this week?
Jazz was playing well until that wayward pass and you know Payton told him not to do anything silly 🤣
That was the most undeserved half time lead in a game I can remember.
And the 2nd half first try. Fair dinkum. Ricky spitting bottles like his team didnt deserve a send off after 5 penalties in 2 sets and multiple infringements. Knowing who he is I bet he feels the Raiders were worthy of the win and the points spread. W...A
The commentators listed the stat that this was the highest points conceded since round 10. Highlights the turnaround of the side.

Also compare this performance to the start of the year against the Raiders. Round 2 we never looked like being in the game. This time was a lot better.
I don't usually like highlighting the officiating as every team feels like they are getting hard done by.

Paul Crawley on NRL 360 was highlighting we get the rough end. Just look at the few minutes with the two captains challenges.

He didn't kick him. But then the commentators why did his fingers bend back, cause they were kicked. The Bunker can't even get the challenge successful or unsucessful announcement correct.

A few minutes later the tackled in the air wasn't as clear cut as the Bunter made it out. He was going for the ball.
Lot of effort so cannot complain. It's funny how the once intercept changed the momentum of the game.

Alot to like from a number of players today. Its just missing the finishing touches.

Hopefully, the Warriors can get the win next week against Manly
Thought we were alright today, but conceded a few tries against the run of play and just couldn't get into the game in the second half. It feels like that's becoming a bit of a trend; not being able to control possession and keep the pressure on, especially in the second half, and especially if we're chasing the game. I could be wrong, though. Shame about Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Going to be very interesting to see what our backline looks like next week. Surely either Turner comes in as a like-for-like swap or Beale comes onto the wing with Perham or Hiku moving to fullback.

Still would like to see Chanel Harris-Tavita get the ball more on the fifth tackle; it was frustrating to see the ball come to Hiku twice on the last. He has to demand the ball more. Thought Kodi went alright. Kind of feel for him as he's in a bit of a no-win situation. Either he doesn't run the ball enough and we're mad that isn't affecting the game, or he runs the ball too much and we're mad at his ineffective running. The game is simple, but not that simple. He has to pick his moment and he did a number of good things today. Said enough this season about the likes of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Harris, and Hiku, but other good performers today I thought were Burr, Lawton, Pompey, Murchie, Blair, and Papali'i.

That's most of the team, really. Little to complain about if you really look at this one. Next year should be good.
Didn’t bother watching

pleasantly surprised 14-6 after 20

14-16 HT exceeded my expectations

14-26 final scored was alittle disappointing but still a respectable score and not a blow away loss

will watch the replay later tonite
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I thought Burr was really good today. A colossus on defence. Please give him a pity contract for next year (on low $).

Point 2 - wtf with the bunker? Two or three Canberra tries through multiple hands and kicks just given off the bat as try? I can 100% guarantee you those tries would have been referred to bunker if it were the warriors scoring.

Make me very angry.
Jazz was solid until that pass gave them there first opportunist try.
It crumbled for our man after that.

Ice and Burr in hulk smash form.
Murchie proving to his old club he has game.
Blair putting in a hearty effort.
Lawton proving a handful.

Perham was good on the wing.
Pompey is proving to be a top wing,strong at post contact,reliable, low on mistakes.
AK,great defence.

Our stars always shine.

Kodi is a bit discouraging, even Mason Lino keeps trying.
He keeps disappearing instead of putting on the next wave of pressure.
Why so many C's?

We playing the only team in the comp that can match the top 2 with 4 months away from home playing under Aus media scrutiny for the first time and the Raiders score 3 tinny tries on any other day 2 of them were tries to us instead and the Raiders the best last 20min team in the comp by FAR and we only played worthy of a C? Any other year and we get caned 40-0 by Canberra and the fans are happy with that. Gone from extreme low expectations to delierium us fans.....

I get called out for sounding negative of the team when Im just being analytically critical. imo anything less than a B is awfully harsh. But each to their own.
Bro, after twenty years this club is supported by thousands expecting the Roosters and the Storm.

Don't know why they do it, but they can't help it.

Crazy eh? They think the Warriors have a pool to call in like the Union, rather than about fifty actual real players in the local comps (minus the ones the other NRL clubs take to choose from). Same guys give C grades or less every win and don't see a pattern! Its hard marking underprivileged kids for not coming up with e = mc2
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My only thoughts from the game. Can we start a match day thread/poll for every game going forward titled: What is Jazz going to do today?" with the following options

A) Be sent to the sin bin
B) Give away a needless penalty, resulting in other team scoring from the resulting set
C) Knock the ball on when getting up and trying to niggle the tackler instead of just playing the ball
D) look to offload the ball with out looking to see who he is offloading too. Resulting in the other team scoring from the turnover
E)none of the above

He does a lot of good things, but the club will never win a premiership with him in the first 17.
Bro I hear the Benny Hill theme now, try it and thank me later. Jazz is the funniest guy in the NRL.

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