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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Sharks side is pretty killer on paper. Every time I look at their team, I have no idea how they aren't higher up the table.

Discipline....or lack of it.

Been following them closely recently and your never out of a game against the Sharks. They've got lethal attack and at times have had teams at their mercy but they lose momentum in games with the most appalling unforced error turnover rate or a brain dead penalty conceded, usually at the most critical times which lets their opposition off the hook or allows them to build pressure.....worst of all their seems to be no accountability for their errors by the coach or senior players.

Shaun Johnson back in is obviously a huge threat, if he's running freely then yeah he could tear us a new one like he did last time, if he's got a dodgy groin and hammy tho then hopefully that inhibits his ability to impose himself in the game.....same for Fifita.

Chad out is not a loss for them, we'd been better off if he was playing tbh.......Graham is a loss as he gives them play making options, however his defence this year has been shocking.....him and Chad together wouldve been great to target.

Katoa and Mulitano are threats out wide, but they can come up with an error or be bombing the shit out of these guys.

Been super impressed with Roycie Hunt, Talakai and Hamlin Uele who are barnstorming power runners.....if we dont shut them down early these guys could roll through us.

We've been playing hearty so we're in with a chance, just need to stay with them...Sharks are quite capable of shooting themselves in the foot (also capable of blowing a team off the park)


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I dunno. I'm not more worried about this side than the one they fielded last week as has been mentioned. Couple of weak spots I'd like to point out

1. Jesse Ramien - good player on his day, but those days come infrequently. He's also prone to dickfingers and horrible defensive reads. I'd be looking to exploit him.

2. Shaun Johnson - on paper this looks like a huge inclusions, but my memory extends to his time with us. It was not uncommon for Shaun Johnson to come back extremely gunshy after an injury. Of course the motivation of playing against us may offset that. I would look to run a ton of traffic at him early and force him back into his shell.

3. Briton Nikora - had an amazing debut season, but Sharks fans haven't been happy with him all year. He's also been dropped for poor defensive decisions recently. He's another one that I'd look to run some traffic at. Force him into making decisions and there's a good chance he's going to make a poor read.

4. Andrew Fifita - he's not the monster that he once was. It's a real shame Hetho isn't playing. He'd be the perfect one to get inside of Fifita's head to force him into doing some dumb shit (Please dear god don't try it Jazz you fucking dummy)

I think if we play to the level we've been playing for the last 6-7 weeks, we're a very good chance of coming away with the win. Provided Payten tears strips off Jazz to ensure he doesn't try and be a hero ... again, I really like our chances. Not Curran in the team to injure a rapidly improving Egan also bodes well for our chances.
add to that i think that Dugan has been phoning it in recently and Woods can be great for 20 mins in a game, but fairly average for the rest. Not sure what it is sparks him, but you see in his attitude he comes and goes, IMO
All this talk of SJs groin and he will be hampered. He had a baby 2 weeks ago... the injury is just a cover for maternity leave.

Having said that, he probably hasn’t slept much lately and training and the game won’t have been his priority. As a player that is affected by his emotions I can see him having a quiet game.
Good news, Eels boys are back! Penrith keeping a hold of Hetherington for now though.

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Adam Pompey
3. Hayze Perham
4. Peta Hiku
5. George Jennings
6. Kodi Nikorima
7. Chanel Harris-Tavita
8. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown
9. Karl Lawton
10. Isaiah Papali'i
11. Jack Murchie
12. Tohu Harris
13. Jazz Tevaga

14. Wayde Egan
15. Adam Blair
16. Daniel Alvaro
17. Lachlan Burr

18. Josh Curran
20. Paul Turner
21. Tom Ale
22. Gerard Beale
That bench wants to make me cry 0 impact. Passi would of helped, can he not come back for the last month?
I have been harsh on Papalii but happy for him to stay in the side as long as he's playing in the middle.
Be interesting to see how Ice goes at prop.

Been indifferent, but our man has been pretty strong on the ball this season,ask Payne Haas.

His D has been bone crunching of late.
Think he can go well in the middle where he should always have been.

SK had him everywhere and changing body shape.

Has that compact build and a bit of speed,hope he watched a bit of Sam Rapira .
Could prove a good move by coach if he can step up especially with Mad Jack being retained for the Panthers finals run.
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