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So much will come down to the Bench, I am confident Egan and Papalii will do the job. Blair needs to have a beast game this week. Curren won't get many minutes, just needs to be accurate and committed.
This will sound "dumb" but I see how Curran travels in the game as pivotal to the outcome.
If he has a blinder we will win
If he is fat and out of shape then he will be liability and they will win.

My reason for linking it all to him is that in the absence of Dylan Brown I think this game is on a knife edge and the performance of the bench will be key.
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Mar 22, 2014
Thinking about the Beale situation this morning, I'm actually really glad he's got another chance. Pretty hard for the poor bugger to win another contract with anyone when you're not playing. He's done well in the NRL and represented the Kiwis so would be pretty sad when you think of it from his personal point of view if he didn't get a chance to push his claims, even if that is for a Super League club.

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Jan 26, 2014
I'm hoping the Eels are looking at our side an thinking they got this .

While we are 3 players down we have our core of
RTS ,KN ,Tohu , Egan ,Hiku .CHT
Which is where our attacking structure or opportunities
Will come from .
Murchie should be able to do the same job as Katoa
Curren vs Alvaro we will see .Curren might even be quicker .
An Beale fingers crossed he's an experienced player so let's hope
He's match ready .
This game is entirely up to us an if we turn up in the right Mental state.
We can win.
The Eels are down on one of their key playmakers .
I just hope last week's loss hasn't woke them up .

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