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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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i like the aggression that Jazz brings, but he needs to be waaaay smarter!! The sin bin was absolute bollocks, but it cost us a ton of points that ultimately cost us the game and a real chance of knocking on the top 8 next week.

The forward pass no try was dubious, given half the shitty passes from both sides that were let go all game!!

Is Curren contracted for next year?? Clearly not rated by Payten given he only got 13 minutes before being hooked. I’d be happy to see Ale get a crack next week over him!
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Agree with all re Jazz overplaying his hand, Egan coming into his own and the ref being a pus ridden A hole.

Hayze though was my big takeaway from that game. If he keeps developing in this direction there are good times ahead.

I’ve often thought what our side would go like with a Croker / Jamie Lyon style centre - balance over size - distribution and defensive efficiency over crash and bash.
Hayze could be that guy?!?

He’s good let’s hope.
there has to be an investigation on this crap we get every week!!
The year of the Sharks juicing investigation, they said at the very start there would be a parralel investigation into ref corruption Im sure of it, but after the Juicing took over like wild fire in the media nothing more was said. But I agree, too many games we get 8-2 penalty counts or even worse 9-0 in one game this year, which is just rubbish. Parra could have been pinged multiple times this game for the same offenses the Warriors were.

And it has cost us many times a spot in the top 8 in years gone by. Its not on, but nobody is doing anything about it.

Of course bad games happen to other clubs, but I watch every game and the Warriors are often the worst done by.
19 runs for 169m - 2nd most of the forwards
39 tackles, only 2nd to Tohu Harris who had 45 (but played the whole 80)

I’ve had my spiel in the Jazz thread regarding my thoughts on him.

Yes he’s a niggly cu**, yes he loses his cool,

Yes he will single out the opposing enforcer and get in their face

Yes he’s the first player who will back up a team mate Whose copped a dog shot

Yes he’s an enforcer

Yes he isn’t your typical enforcer because he’s short and only weights 94kg

Yes that GeneralPayton fella crawls out of his hole only on game days to come on here and slander the bloke dry

But to say he’s the reason we lost is as comincal as his sin binning.

Jazz is so under appreciated is criminal.

He’s not exempt from his wrong doings - he’s got to rein in his temper some times, plus those costly errors,

We don’t slander Roger Tuivasa-Sheck when he makes errors because we applaud his effort.

We love mad jack because, we’ll he’s mad.

We need to put some respect on Jazz’s name for those same reasons.
When we were down 16-0 it was looking like it could get ugly. I was also thinking it was a bit of a reality check as sure we got past the Bulldogs but we started slow, the Knights were pretty poor. The Eels haven't been great but as a rocks and diamonds side their high spots are higher than the Bulldogs and Knights.

We got a couple of tries back before half time and got a long period in the second half where no points were scored and we could of pushed for a win.

This team has a lot of heart. Can handle losses a bit better if they put in and compete every week and aren't getting blown off the park.
Few thoughts...
1. Absolute bullshit sinbinning.
The NRL should be embarrassed.
2. Can’t remember the last time I jumped out of my seat for a try of ours, and it happened twice!
3. This bunch of blokes have genuine mettle. Proud of em.
4. Fuck it would’ve been awesome if Payten stayed.
5. Hiku M.O.M. His form is sparkling.
6. Hayez is class and developing.
Hope he is given a genuine crack at a permanent centre spot.
He and Peta are making Kata’s days just a cringey memory.
7. I do get the Jazz dislike, his misgivings are three for all to see, but fuck I love his mongrel!!
8. Loved seeing Blair smack talkin’ Kane Evans at halftime. You ain’t a Warrior yet boy!
9. Felt a bit of the 02/03 Warriors vibe about them today!
10. Good to be back in the forum. 🤙
The only thing you can ask from Referees is consistency. For a start if Jazz was sin binned, why wasn't Brown, he retaliated and did a lot more unlawful contact. Just let it go, they are not playing tiddlywinks. Can anyone justify how Jazz was binned and Rudolph and Graham were not. The FIRST responsibility of a Referee is player safety.
Few people defending Jazz.

How come he gets called out every other week by a whole lot of fans.

Its not this game, its every game.

Players that need defending every week probably have issues.

Jazz has issues, but our fans have bigger ones. I was a huge fan of Jazz when he first debuted because we were bad and he provided great energy. Over the years his shortcomings really started to grate on me. I got to the point where I wanted him gone-gone. As this season has gone on though, he's filtered the mistakes out of his game and he's been a pretty consistent performer for us since Payten took over. I still have a minor heart attack every time he takes the ball to the line, because I have this Pavlovian expectation of "when Jazz carry ball, error happen" but that's not been happening. He's worked hard, mostly been solid in defence, and

He's not a perfect player and he doesn't make my ideal 17 for next year, but it's pretty amazing to see that in a game where he put up some of our best numbers and was the victim of a complete bullshit sin-binning instigated by a player who is known for being one of the NRL's biggest milking pussies, we don't cut him a little more slack. The fact that most people would rather have Hetherington in the side, who barely hits Lachlan Burr level stats, shows that the bar is higher for Jazz than it is for others.

His scapegoat status isn't entirely undeserved, but it's clearly very hard to shake. Feel for him a bit after today.
Sometimes watching this club you shake your head and laugh with the crazy tries they score. It's been a long time since I've done that as Kearney pretty much sucked the life out of them.

We scored some great tries today.

I've been bemoaning the lack of long range tries for two years now. The second one before half time will shut me up for a while.

Those two before half time it was great seeing the guys supporting and being there for the opportunity.
Koro Gus gonna be fighting that good fight for us moving forward...

I switched to the channel 9 commentary a few weeks ago and Gould was talking about the ref. Pretty sure it was today's ref saying he has potential but doesn't have a feel for a game. Think he was saying he blows the whistle too much or might have been too much set restarts.

Watching the game I was thinking it would be interesting to get Gould's thoughts.

Some set restarts in the second half would of helped the game and cleaned up the ruck. We got dudded with quite a few calls.
Few people defending Jazz.

How come he gets called out every other week by a whole lot of fans.

Its not this game, its every game.

Players that need defending every week probably have issues.
AS a former critic I think it can be a bit unfair.

I thought hes too small, but he plays small ball well. He can tackle and he has an offload, and a high work rate so Ive come around to accepting he makes the team better depending on the team composition. The Warriors seem to have compensated for the previous lack of size across the park with more size coming next year as well.

But the last few weeks I have noticed more posts talking about his niggle, even comparing him to Betham. For me thats not a good sign, I always thought Monty Betham was a liability. He gave away so many penalties he could lose matches.

Betham got hammered by the refs on reputation so I really think Tevaga should avoid that road. He doesnt need to play that game, he has more skill than Betham, he should just stick to playing hard with high energy.


My four reasons we lost

1) Our "pack" wasn't big or effective enough at making hard metres through out the whole match. Nathan Brown thanks for getting kane evans next year - please get one other power middle as well.
2) Jazz in the first 15 minutes screwed us. Set after set by the third tackle we had made stuff all yards and he would put his hand for the next hit and it would be a pitiful three metres. Stop doing hit ups Jazz. Or at least not when we are working our way off our ten metre line.
3) Early in the match we thought we would be clever clogs by kicking on the 4th tackle. Why not get 8 metres further up field and kick on the last tackle of the set.
4) The game was on a knife edge when Curran came on and he fucked the dog. He even injured Egan with friendly fire and made him go off.

Note as President of the anti-Jazz movement I don't hold him accountable for that sin bin. It wasn't even a penalty let alone ten minutes.
The issue I have with Jazz that I think a lot of us look past because he's ours, is that he's always a grub. He plays hard and I applaud him for that, but he's always the first to get up in the face of a player who's just dropped the ball or missed a tackle. None of the great players ever behave like that and I guarantee that any player with an attitude like that on opposition teams would cop it on here from us (rightfully so). He's got the makings of a very good player but someone needs to have a word with him. Probably some of the playing group.
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