Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 17 - Warriors vs Eels Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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I always regarded Jazz as been an energetic player who does good things when he's channelling that energy positively. But after watching him today, he's a hothead and verging on liability. He got involved in all sorts of niggly stuff with the opposition, pushing and shoving, mouthing off, getting into their faces. The sin-binning was wrong, but he got himself into that position by reacting. Payten needs to sit him out for a few, especially the last match or two if the playoffs are gone after next weekend.
The penalty at the end comes off the back of a set in which they play the ball on the line, pass from dummy half and take the ball in front of the line (stretching to do so) but no forward pass is called. Plus I also think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has an arguement for being taken in the air. That Nathan Graham looks like a right ****.

Nathan Brown? I actually quite like watching him. He's what Jazz wishes he was.

Mitch Moses on the other hand, christ alive every week that bloke is either whinging up an absolute storm to anyone that will listen or screaming at his teammates.

For our boys, was fucking disappointed in Niko in the second half. It was his chance to step up and help create some attack, and he basically went missing. Would've loved to see him running at a few of those tired boys.
Jazz didn't cost us that game. He wasn't the only one responsible for the errors, penalties. The sin-binning was a big factor, sure, but it was also utter nonsense an. You see that type of thing dozens of times in any given game, it was nothing. Nothing. So disappointing. Atkins is a woeful referee -- he didn't hand the Eels the game, but he had no control over it and his calls were all over the place because he's trying to put his stamp on the game instead of just adjudicating.

But ultimately we didn't keep the pressure on the way we know we can. Egan coming off at a crucial point didn't help either. There was more than a bit of bad luck involved. Some positives to take from it; thought Perham was good and Chanel Harris-Tavita stood up. But this is a tough one to take against a team we could definitely have beaten. Incredible how we're showing that, despite losing players to injury/compassionate reasons, we belong in that top 8. That's awesome to see.

It's not over...yet. But it did just get a whole lot harder. Next week is do or die. I can't see the Sharks beating the Raiders or the Roosters. I can see us beating Manly. We have to play Canberra too, and they're better than the Eels, but if Papali'i is injured then that's a big out for them. We beat them last year with a patchwork side, it's not beyond us.
On a more positive note, I'm proud of the effort.

Some past Warriors teams would've dropped their heads after that start, but this group rallied, hung tuff & were still in with a chance to snatch it right up until the last minute.

Almost pulled off a Fathers Day miracle. I can't be mad at that.

Jazz does do some dumb shit. But if that was a sin bin offense then I'm a farkin martian.
Well that is 3 of the last 10 years we have not made the 8 due to blatant reffing deciding games. I forget the year where Penrith threw a 5m forward pass in the final round to beat us to the 8 with a runaway try was the worst to swallow.

I hate blaming refs, but only one ref decided penalty (first was the accidental offside), which he wasnt going to blow either but had his hand forced. And sending off a player for 10 for a jersey grab is absurd, the bunker didnt even bother to take multiple looks at it. Turning into non contact sport NRL at this rate.

Given the Tigers win, even if we win the final 3 and Sharks or Knights lose all 3 (which is a massive unlikely) the Tigers might run with us with a better FnA.

I look forward to next year.

I personally think whilst I know Payten is a great coach and has been at different levels but his role in the Warriors last half of season has been a too much vs the player roster and turn around in our halves and of late Roger Tuivasa-Sheck running the ball. Hopefully Brown surpasses my expectations next year, but regardless we have a great group of players so his job should be easier than at Newc, we also have so many player positions that have multiple options, halves, wingers, centres are going to see some of this year starters playing Res Grade.
Errors killed us at the start of the second half! Effort definitely there though but I thought we lost the opportunity to get on top.
I thought we done well considering our lack of go forward compared to theirs. For me Harris needs to start and stay in the middle. We’re still a shot, just need to smoke Cronulla next week.
I thought Harris was great in the middle while Tevaga was out injured. He hits the advantage line and we always seemed to get a good roll on when he was in the middle. He was getting some great runs off the back of some of the other guys. His ball playing in the middle could also help with Harris running off him.
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The boys played well. The 2 try’s in the first half were awesome. Jazz shouldn’t have been sent off and maybe that could have been the difference between a win or a lost but that’s footy.
The second half we struggled to complete sets and kodi wasn’t having his best game.
We shouldn’t be too critical of Beale etc as they hadn’t being playing any footy, coming into first grade without playing is difficult.
With 3 games to go I am still proud of what this team has achieved this year.