Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 13 - Manly vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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A fantastic start. It would of been good to keep a big lead. It wouldn't be a Warriors game if we didn't turn it into a rollercoaster.

Got points before and after half time but still managed to get close to a dicey finish.

DCE has had a lot of big plays to win games at the death was thinking we could be in for some heartbreak.
A few weeks after the restart there was some stats on the refs and the tackle restarts. Perenara was the ref who gave the most.

We got a good run at the start but after that we could barely even buy one. I can barely remember us getting them in the second half despite some slow/messy play the balls.

Those calls can swing the momentum if the one side keeps building up time in posession.
Regardless of results the boys are putting in and competing each week.

The softness has gone and the players leaving (including our star wingers) have been replaced by people with better attitude.

Long way to go in the season but if we turn up every week with the right attitude and keep tweaking the game plan we could go places.

A+ for attitude, given all our challenges
A couple of other miscellaneous points:

- Pompey doesn't look first grade material, he is way too slow
- Need to get Herbert and Hiku contracts
- Maybe not travelling is helping with the fitness side of things?
- Dont need a big winger to start our sets off! Give me a Jennings type on the other wing, with Herbert in at center and I would be stoked.
- Tohu Harris is the man! Player of the year for sure, hope he gets some Daily M votes as well.
- Awesome to see passion in the coaching box, they look stoked.
- No errors from Jazz, another good game from him!
- Heatherington a couple of drop balls, high shot and a sin bin. Still like him though!
Good win that leaves a weird taste in the mouth, because it could've been a great win. If Hetherington doesn't go nuclear in the second half we win that game by 20. He was that close to being sent off for the game, it was a horrendous clothesline. He's going to be suspended for a while. Then he gave away that six again that led to them scoring. He wasn't terrible outside of that -- that 'error' at the end wasn't really on him -- but man, if he wants to be a top quality player he has to cut that shit out of his game. I don't think we have the option of signing him, but even if we did, I'm not 100% sure I would. Not sure it's worth the risk.

That said, that's pretty much the only negative. I thought we were really good tonight. Looked much, much better in attack (SURPRISE SURPRISE). Nice to see Kodi take the initiative like we've been begging him too, and Chanel Harris-Tavita chipped in and did some good things too. Thought Kodi had some really good moments in defence too. He looks committed in a way he didn't last season and if he keeps that up, he can be a real asset for us. Rarely had an issue with our options in attack and it was nice to see a bomb that went higher than Jazz Tevaga's head for once.

Backline is still a bit of a mess, but there are some good signs there. Herbert's improvement under the high ball is testament to how hard he must be working on that part of his game, love to see that. Pompey is Pompey -- a body who does his best to do the right thing at the right time. Jennings has decent footwork and leg speed but he's a bit of a problem in defence. And Peta Hiku -- they used to say Ric Flair could wrestle a broom and make it look like a million bucks. Peta Hiku is our Ric Flair. He comes with his own problems but damn it if he doesn't make everything easy for his wingers.

Same old story elsewhere: Harris fantastic, Katoa is a gun, good shifts from Lawton/Jazz. Thought Roger Tuivasa-Sheck was better tonight as well despite the early error. 2 points on the board. Nothing to complain about. Bring on the Panth- hahahahahahaha never mind.
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Lots of harsh words for Perenara but I thought he was alright. Set the agenda early with the 6 again calls and we benefitted from that hugely. Both teams were on the end of a few rough calls (because of burning the challenge early) but ultimately, Hetherington could have been straight off for his hit on Taupau. I think all of us would've been filthy at someone only getting ten minutes for that. Saved us there.