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NRL 2020 Round 11 - Warriors vs Roosters TEAM LIST


NZWF Official thread for the 2020 Round 11 Warriors team list and discussion...

The official team list will be posted as soon as it becomes available...
My team for this week

1 B Morris
2 A Kapoa
3 M Aubusson
4 M Ikuvalu
5 C Tuipolotu
6 L Lam
7 K Flanagan
8 I Liu
9 J Friend
10 L Collins
11 S Tupouniua
12 L Moretti (Debut)
13 N Butcher

14 F Baker
15 P Faamausili
16 E Butcher
17 D Fafita

Roosters by 20+
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Something weird happening -- press release says Egan is out injured but he's listed in the announced side. Paasi is also injured, and Herbert is out due to the HIA. So the side should be:

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. David Fusitua
3. Adam Pompey
4. Peta Hiku
5. Ken Maumalo
6. Kodi Nikorima
7. Blake Green
8. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown
9. Karl Lawton
10. Jack Hetherington
11. Eliesa Katoa
12. Tohu Harris
13. Jazz Tevaga

14. Chanel Harris-Tavita
15. Adam Blair
16. Isaiah Papali'i
17. Lachlan Burr

18. Jack Murchie
20. Josh Curran
21. Adam Keighran
22. Patrick Herbert
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"Raft of changes" my arse. He's shuffled Blair to the bench and dropped Herbert. Egan is injured so Lawton to hooker and Jazz to 13 were forced. He's shuffled the deckchairs in the least disruptive was possible. I understand that there are restrictions on dropping the entire team, but fuck me. Payten has come up with possibly the least effective reshuffle available.

- Why the fuck is Hiku somehow still there? He's providing piss all on attack and Tedesco might set up 8 tries against him this week

- Herbert dropped for bombing a try? Okay great ... lets keep Hiku and promote *checks notes* ADAM FUCKING POMPEY? With apologies to his family if they're on here, the kid is fucking hopeless

- Blair to the bench? Yeah, that's a great fucking call. He will definitely provide impact. Definitely not a toiler that's best suited to absorbing the opening exchanges

- BURR FUCKING BURR? What did Murchie do that's seen him relegated to the shadow realm? Could we not given Curran a shot? Nope. 'safe' ol' never gonna break the line Burr.

- Yes lets continue to persist with the 'game manager' halfback that not only doesn't manage the game, but kills 9/10 attacking raids dead in their tracks. But we've gotta build continuity for when he's here during the less disrupted 2021 season don't w- oh.

Fuck this rabble and doubly fuck Payten. All his caretaker reign is showing me is that he doesn't have any original ideas or the ability to bring the squad together. I'll be watching this week and actively supporting the Roosters. I'm not even going to pretend to give these frauds the time of day this week.
How can you plan on sending a message if you pick Blair after his (non)-effort on Sunday?
Hayze Perham must be the worst trainer in the NRL. Looks good when he gets a chance in first grade yet two head coaches now (Sk and Payten) don't see him as being better than Pompey. And does Beale really deserve to have fallen that far? He hasn't set the world on fire but to not even make the 21 when we have so few options is a hefty fall considering he's far from the only centre option who has been shithouse. I couldn't have picked Hiku after last week so for Beale not to make the 21 he has really gone south
EDIT: And what a flog I am for not reading pompower had already highlighted this above... I'll probably be the new Warriors CEO by the end of the week on that form

No wonder we can't win games when we can't even nail the team naming! 😂
Egan out with a shoulder injury yet we fuck up and still have in the team :rolleyes:
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