Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 11 - Warriors vs Roosters Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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If it is a penalty if he caught it, it is a penalty when he is clattered and drops it.

In the circumstances he had every right not to catch it and we ought to be able to rely on the refs
And had he had a Slater view on life, he'd have ended up rolling around in the ground in agony, only to make a miraculous recovery after the conversion is complete.
I would like to see Chanel Harris-Tavita have an extended run alongside Niko before making a judgement call. I think he is too young/lacking confidence/respectful to overcall Green or attempt anything outside of the playbook. Niko doesn't have this problem as he has an ego thats rates himself to believe he is the best half in the game.

I just think Chanel Harris-Tavita would have more confidence in playing heads up alongside someone like Niko who is not considered by anyone other than himself to be a senior squad member.

Chanel Harris-Tavita has been disappointing this year but I thinl there is more there if we can unlock it.