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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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1st Grade Fringe
Mar 28, 2015
Alot to like about that performance. That squad better not change barring injury as it was just a better balanced side and all were putting in, no half-arse efforts (looking at you Blair and Luke). Ken was massive, same with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck as usual. Lawton brought some great spark and must be in the side next week. Ligi was a great addition too, brought a big body and looked likely to offload, must stay in the side. And for the new recruit, KN brought a nice bit of spark and running game. As commendable as Chanel Harris-Tavita has been, that performance from KN showed an experienced professional at work. Lastly, heart goes out to Roache and hope it isn’t too serious. He seems a great guy with a lot of potential and played well, no passionate sportsperson deserves to go through what he has.


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 19, 2013
One thing that impressed me was that several tries were created by moving the ball down the short side and slick quick passing along the chain. If Kata had been involved in those movements he would have killed the try-scoring opportunity. Surely Kearney can see the value of players who can actually throw a quick pass. Right now, Ken must be feeling like a spoiled kid who's getting all the lollies.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
Massive congrats to Ben Hunt....that’s dropsie really turned the game!!!

Lawton was usual, prolly means Kearney will bring a Luke back next week.
Sao was solid. Prolly get dropped for offloading the ball.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck...was just his usual self
Kodi was solid for his first game.
Green’s kicking game was mud.
Luke will be back because it sounds like Roaches injury was pretty severe, at best they will rest Roache next week
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1st Grade Fringe
Apr 10, 2014
So at half time I'm sitting there, like the rest of us, half totally disheartened and half furious. And just to make it worse, we had been completely outplayed by a team that was playing the throw-it-around style of football we used to be known for.

And then we fought back. After the shambles of some recent games I wasn't sure we had it in us, but we showed real doggedness and fighting spirit and deserved the win, even if it was edge-of-seat stuff till near the very end.

Great team effort, and some lessons here too for future selection.

Herbert v Kata? Totally put to bed now.

Did we miss Blair? Not that I noticed.

Hooker? If Issac can't play the minutes, for whatever reason, then give the spot to Lawton and be done with it. Apart from anything else we can then stop carrying 23 hookers on the interchange bench and go to a sensible two/three big boppers (Sao looked good tonight) and a utility back. Not that the Dragons bench management was terrific: who in their right minds would have James Graham sidelined for the final minutes?

Kodi a good buy? You betcha.

Shout outs to Tohu Harris, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Hiku, Paasi, and of course Maumalo who for me is our player of the season so far.

If we'd dropped to 2 - 7 our season was shot. We've still got a way to go, but we're still in it.


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 16, 2013
Kodi had a good debut made Hiku and Kenny look better.
Lawton great , Kenny our best player, Sao good even Jazz ok yes the replacements work added spark.
Green hopefully picking up fitness after injury and improves next week. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 10/10 as always, Herbert yes the whole team were great 2 nd half but tentative and sow in the first half.
Winning feels GOOd baby

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