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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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That is the plan :)

Chanel Harris-Tavita will get 10games over the next 2 years. My only concern is the problem with Milf and Kodi is Kodi wanted to run the show. I think given how well he went at 6 and how well Milf went as a more well round half (those 2 grubbers into the arms, deft), I think it is as expected, they were both similar, Milf a better all round half, Kodi sadly for him not the man for that team. But he is a good running half and thats what we are looking for and he surprised me with his passing game.

That raises the issue, will Kodi respect Chanel Harris-Tavita is there to run the game management and will SK sort that out should it arise?

RE Kata, would make a great Hooker with his ability to run and defend but doesnt pass. I hope we work on that.

Our tackle efficiency was well down. That was the only negative, Ive not looked at who the missed tackles were from yet, possibly the usual. I dont remember Kodi missing many which was his main deficiency.

Herbert is keeping Kata in ISP :).

I think we dont need 4 hookers. We need an extra 80 min forward tackling machine.

Mate, Kata to the position with the first letter H, is verboten, the name that cant be spoken, do not mention the war. Dont do it, you will need to go into witness protection.

Several former Forum members who suggested it are living under assumed names in remote Amazon rsin forest German villages.


Mate, Kata to the position with the first letter H, is verboten, the name that cant be spoken, do not mention the war. Dont do it, you will need to go into witness protection.

Several former Forum members who suggested it are living under assumed names in remote Amazon rsin forest German villages.
Maybe we can give him a symbol like prince and he can be the player formerly known as Kata.
Check out the look on his face.
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This is self sabotage right here. His immediate reaction, after dropping a regulation catch with the game in the balance, was to smile. His team mate next to him has the correct emotional response.

What this means is while he was watching the ball in the air, there is something buried deep in his subconscious telling him that dropping it would feel good.. Then after he dropped it, here he is feeling good.

It's so important to have the right emotions out in the middle. It's almost more important than having a well constructed, and logical game plan to follow. But not by much. Hunt has an awesome game plan in his mind, but his emotions let him down and cost his team the game.

Kearney showed us similar disconnect between what what happening on the field and how he was feeling about it when Maumalo scored his try. Ken was improving the position for the kick, and perfectly safely as well. But Kearney was angry about it. This anger at doing the right thing makes it harder to do the right thing next time. Some food for thought?

Winning feels good, losing feels bad.

lol now there's an over analysis if I ever saw one.
He could be a water and instructions guy.
Ok ok just water.
Come on lads this is just straight up bullying poor old Sol now, we're better than that.

Anyway we can't have old Symbol passing out the water, the whole team would die of dehydration before half time. I played a game of pass the parcel with him once at his 5th birthday party and he never passed it once but he got all the prizes, that's where it all went wrong.
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If you look at the defense when we scored tries 2 and 3: Underpressure, behind on the scoreboard, no overlaps to work with.

Try 2, Kodi puts enough doubt in the defenders minds to give Hiku momentum going into the tackle, where he dummies the offload and pushes over.
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Yep. But this is what ships me about our offensive coaching, why if there no runner ar 160kph on the inside of Kodi there through the hole?12 draws player in two minds but is pointless. The only scoring plays here are a big winger, kodi dummy at straighten, centre do the same with less room..

I agree. But boy do we need some players in motion. Catch and pass wont beat half the teams.

But its a start, a player running at the line which is what I said Kodi would bring. Now SK get some flappn proper offensive set plays going.

Was well chuffed with the stats I pointed out, play the ball and line speed, completions/errors. Our defense was near dipping below 80 efficienct. Will analyse who and why in the morning.

So happy for Lawton, hes looked the goods every game he has played, lets not do a CNK here. I feel for Luke, but he needs fitness up. Willl they extend...........

RE Kata to H, I just throwin a bone whch wont work, he doesnt pass for a start, like many here I see the value in him. Its just where do you play him.............................. Defense machine and great at hitting it up from the back but we need more offense along with the defense.

All in all, gives us just a sniff with 10/15 needed to have chance at 8
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Re-Watching the game and everyone gives Lawton the wraps for his efforts which is deserved but Ligi Sao was someone who i thought had just as much impact and was crucial in that first 10-20 mins the first try they scored after halftime was due to the second phase he provided he had about 2-3 offloads in that passage of play.

And when Tohu Harris went for his HIA he then shifted to the edge and did a great job on Frizell defensively.
He picked up a dally m point for his efforts..... not bad for 20 minutes on the field.
His first 2 games for us he was the most energetic on field and scored 2 tries but doesnt get another go for how long? I hope we dont lose him like CNK and likely will Chanel Harris-Tavita if SK doesnt get him locked down.

Anyway here is the main issue from the game. I went over what was really good, completions, line speed yady yada, but this aint on.
Nearly twice as many missed tackles and and efficiency nearly going into the 70s. We wont win games on points for. We never have been a team to have a great for and against. What happened to last year being 2nd in Redzone defense? I have not drilled down to players yet. But we need to man up. At least we know when Chanel Harris-Tavita does replace Green hes in the 90%+ efficiency and had Sam Burgess and co running at him with no impact, him and Hayze are both big halves actually for their ages, Hayze especially, might want to keep him that size so he doesnt slow down haha

I was just hoping it wasnt going to be Kodi haha, lucky or Id still have people saying Im anti Kodi when I never was. What a shame Agnatius had a great game on offense. Hopefully its a one off?

Lastly I thought we were onto a good thing with Herbs kicking from the sideline, but 66%. Hopefully it was just a couple of nervous ones and he can get that up and over 80% before Chanel Harris-Tavita takes over from Greeny, goals win games. I think Kata is going to be pushing it to get back in with Peta better on D and clearly much better offense and Herbs looking the goods in his spot, feel for Sol :-(