Post Match NRL 2019 - Round 7- Warriors vs Cowboys Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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It was a lack of execution and composure that cost us the game.
On another day if everything stuck we could have won that game by 40 points. Tohu Harris juggling the ball - unlucky; obstruction call - never would have stopped a try; Roger Tuivasa-Sheck intercept, on another day that pass connects; etc, etc. Footy gods didn’t want us to win
Des seems to be extracting a good bit of oil out of his bunch of reserve graders. Theres a high possibility, it might be a coaching issue.
Tigers - average squad... new coach.. bam! top 8
Warriors - 3 years of Kearney... Playing for our first ever wooden spoon
FIrst time Ive voted an E. Our numbers in red zone vs theirs was stupid, lets give up, we cant put a player over the line more than 1 in 25 goes.
First half with Luke on we were over the line multiple times - just couldn’t finish cleanly. I will give up if Greens back and they play that rudderless.
Apart from missed opportunities with yet more of the elementary errors from last week I thought we were good at the start with Luke on the field. Unfortunately, starting the season a halfback down, and losing Green, we cannot afford not to have Luke off. Once he was spelled all decision making and experience was gone and our attacking structure fell apart. Chanel Harris-Tavita wasn't getting constructive ball, and is too young to have to do that all by himself. Playing Tevaga as 1st change is mind-numbingly retarded. I can't fathom how Kearney still doesn't get how important it is to have a real hooker playing that position. Tevaga can tackle, and pass a ball, but he doesn't read a game and set up the play at all; he does not seem to have the this game awareness.
😍 Summarised all the issues right here. Great post - all of it. Are you free to do some coaching when Kearney finally falls on his sword? You sound like your doing research for a warriors role with that demolition derby stuff😂
( Roger Tuivasa-Sheck not Kata, Inruin! ) and then just picking players names out of a hat in the hope that something clicks.
You're right, that must be whats happening, he is picking the team out of a hat and he has only made 21 name tags so far so the same team keeps getting picked. Poor guy, it must be confusing the hell out of him how no matter how much he shakes up the hat the same team keeps coming out.
That was a Coaches loss and them some, team selection, bench selection, game plan.
You wouldn't want him Coaching your kids, he'd play them all out of position and some wouldn't get games at all.

There would need to be some brave decisions from management, (which would mean they have to admit they fucked up in the first place) and a couple of very good signings to salvalge this season, geez it would be great if we had some spare salary cap.:meh:
Chanel Harris-Tavita isn’t ready Green comes back Roger Tuivasa-Sheck @ 6 Perham to 1 and then eventually to 6 after some game experience unfortunately Chanel Harris-Tavita can’t play anywhere else so another year in reserves.
Blair to run with young boys in reserves also Pulu and Sao to first grade.9
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck @ 6 isn’t ideal especially with unknown kicking game but he’s so far and away our best player getting the ball in his hands as often as possible has got to be a good thing.
I count very little of the game as bad luck for us...
12 minutes into the game and we'd made 3 dumb as fuck passes on the 4th tackle.
Blair's obstruction wouldn't have created the try, but how is he so dumb that he ran at the outside shoulder and made contact? Penalty every day of the week.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck's pass that got intercepted... a single defender outside him whose only option was to run a line to block the pass. And he throws the pass.

So much of what I used to think was bad luck is just dumb play.
I just watched the game
Dumbfounded!!. What a special effort from some very very special people
Part way through I was thanking God that Thurston and Barba weren't there. Imagine the bloodbath if they had been
Fuck it. Gonna make myself sick on chocolate
Have a great Easter everyone
Warriors player ratings in NRL loss to Cowboys
JACKSON THOMAS09:12, Apr 21 2019

The Warriors made a string of errors in a home loss to the lowly Cowboys.
OPINION: The alarm bells have started to sound on the Warriors 2019 season, after Saturday's loss to the North Queensland Cowboys, from Mt Smart Stadium.
Here's how they rated in the 17-10 loss.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck: 7.5

Even in defeat, the captain stood out.

He had a highlight reel moment last year against the Cowboys, but his latest solo effort might have topped even that. An uncharacteristic error however gave the Cowboys good field position, from which the scored the eventual match-winner.
Dangerous throughout, best on ground for the home side.

David Fusitua: 6.5
Again failed to score a try, but Fusitu'a was solid none the less. Ran hard and drew a few penalties, but a rib injury late forced him from the field late.
Peta Hiku looks on after loss.

Peta Hiku looks on after loss.
Solomone Kata: 4
He has copped plenty of criticism in recent weeks, and that will likely continue. Not Kata's best performance, though on attack at least, it was an improved one on last week.
Gerard Beale: 6
His second game of the season and didn't look out of place. Set up Maumalo's try and was strong with ball in hand.
Ken Maumalo: 6
Big night again in terms of metres gained, finishing with 162m. Scored the opener with a good show of speed.
Coen Hess spent all night in the face of young Chanel Harris-Tavita.

Coen Hess spent all night in the face of young Chanel Harris-Tavita.
Peta Hiku: 5.5
Back-to-back games being thrown in the halves late, Hiku can be forgiven for struggling. Looked good early on but drifted out of the game.
Chanel Harris-Tavita: 6
In the absence of Blake Green the rookie was solid, but again a hit-and-miss night off the boot put his side under pressure. looked good when he took the line on, and stood up on defence.
Agnatius Paasi: 5
Thriving in the starting role, but still doesn't have a great deal of tools in his kit. Ran hard, can't ask for much more - though it would be nice to see Paasi develop an offload or some late footwork.
Nathaniel Roache was strong in his return to NRL action, against the Cowboys.

Nathaniel Roache was strong in his return to NRL action, against the Cowboys.
Issac Luke: 6.5
Needed to step up with Green out and did so in the first half - he was a menace around the ruck early on. But a tactical call from Kearney to then keep his starting hooker off until the 75th minute limited his impact.
Leeson Ah Mau: 7
Looks a lot more comfortable starting than coming off the bench, as he was to start the season. Solid game, finished with 85m metres and 30 tackles.
Adam Blair: 2
He's had better nights the veteran. Dropped one cold with the line begging in the first half and then got his line wrong to denny Fusitu'a. The second half didn't get much better.

Tohu Harris: 6
Good, but far from his dangerous best. Helped shield young Harris-Tavita on defence well. Shifted to centre late.
Lachlan Burr: 7.5
His best game in a Warriors jumper. Made a good line break in the first 40 but fell for a Jake Clifford dummy leading to the Cowboys' first try. Monster numbers, finishing with 120m and 44 tackles.
Jazz Tevaga: 6.5
Good impact off the bench but lacked his usual sting in defence. Created some good second phase opportunities, however, and topped the total tackle count with 46.

Nate Roache: 6.5
Looked sharp in his first game back from injury. Ran well and his passing was crisp from dummy-half.
Isaiah Papali'i: 5
Got through plenty of work when he came on after 20, but provided little in the way of genuine energy or impact.
Bunty Afoa: 6
Came on after 20 minutes and had an immediate impact. His trademark charges off kick-offs provided some first half spark.
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Imagine picking Peta "International five eight" Hiku because you were afraid two rookie halves wouldn't offer anything in attack and then having him serve up that effort.

Peta Hiku: 5.5
Back-to-back games being thrown in the halves late, Hiku can be forgiven for struggling. Looked good early on but drifted out of the game.
lol, looked good early? He bombed two tries in the first 20 minutes.
Absolutely pathetic and embarrassing. This is the fault of the coaching staff totally. No attack, no game plan and everyone running around like headless chooks. As for the bench, what a joke. I really don't understand how SK and Co can get League 101 so wrong.

Nothing more to say other than I'm not looking forward to Anzac day
The Warriors just have to find them. Im pretty sure Mannering and Koopu started off as centres and got converted. Mateo was bought off the market. Ali was identified from rugby in high school, went to league, then into the Warriors as a kid, the guy was a rare freak. I'm not sure Guttenbeils background.

I would exclude Fai and Faumuina from the list. Fai passed away when he was just coming on the scene, he was compared to SBW but for all we know he may have turned out to be another RFM. Faumuina never lived up to the hype, he was more frustrating than reliable, if he makes the list then Lisone makes the list.

It seems to me the players are there, the Warriors just cant contract them, Taumlolo being the best example of one that got away. Would he have even got an opportunity at 17 at the Warriors anyway?, probably not.
100% correct all the good Kiwi players ( and there are shit loads) are all playing for other clubs.


Well that was a replay I really didn't need to sit through. In 100% agreeance with above posters, this is a coaches loss. I say coaches because the assistants are clearly just yes men, and not prepared to tell Kearney what is what.

We looked serviceable with Luke aiding Chanel Harris-Tavita in the first 30 around the park. Why Tevaga was brought on when Roache was on the bench makes absolutely no sense at all. We lost all direction, and everything was left up to a 3 game rookie. When Roache finally came on the change in service was immediate, although he gassed within 20mins and Luke finally came back on with was it 7-10mins left. Our starting hooker did not need a 40min break, that is ridiculous.

I don't blame Chanel Harris-Tavita at all, actually think he is going pretty well considering what Kearney is doing around him. Knowing the reason why we fell apart last week due to lack of game management, having all week and then still choosing Hiku over Keighran is the height of poor coaching from Kearney.

As for Kata, Blair, Jazz, Papali'i. Enough said.

Extremely tough to stomach, that we just re-signed the worst coach currently in the NRL for another 3 years.

The Storm will enjoy a nice extended training run on Anzac day, to ready themselves for the following week against the Sharks. A repeat of last year appears to be a certainty after that game, and watching the contest on Friday.
There's been many times when I've disagreed with Kearney, but I've always at least been able to understand his logic.

Blair is on big money and does put pressure on their halves. Kata makes better metres from the back than Beale and back 5 metres is pretty much out game plan. Even not using the 4th sub I get since there are only so many minutes and you would be using your (in theory) weakest forward when you have a better player who can play more minutes.

But I cannot for the life of me work out why anyone would play with 3 farking hookers!!!

It makes zero sense. I get Luke may not be fit for 80 minutes but surely he can do 50-60. If not, then he's simply not fit enough to play.

Like, Kearney must have had some kind of logic when he made the decision right? The best I can come up with is he wanted to give Tevaga minutes without taking away from Burr who's been playing well.

Which is stupid as is, but then I still don't get the point of Roache. It was just so.....bizarre

Reading between the lines of Kearney's press conference, the logic may have been, "we need to work Roache slowly back into the game, limited minutes for his first few, and we possibly have the luxury of doing that against the Cowboys, a game we should win anyway, when we won't have the luxury against the Storm". Not that I'm agreeing with it, mind, I still don't think it justified running with three hookers (and neither does anyone else outside the management tent), but that seems to fit with what SK said
Watching the game there were two things that frustrated me all game:
  1. the inability of our centers and wingers to run lines that create space, either for them or the ball carrier;
  2. the whole team would line up in the next structure before the ball carrier had even been tackled.
There were plenty of opportunities to take advantage but our support players were more interested in being a decoy for the next play. Our forwards did a good job at bending the line and creating pressure but there was no one running in support. We left guys on the ground but did nothing.

Bang on. SK you numb nut and you too Georgie porgie read this. I was angry last night. Today Im mad. I want the $1000s of dollars on Warriors gear Ive spent and flights etc back. The players arent being coached right, can you imagine Belamy with this lot? The difference, he gets mad.